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The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Right was founded in 1968 by Robert Kennedy's family and friends to carry forward his unfinished work. Its core program areas are linked by a common commitment to helping realize Robert Kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world: RFK Partners for Human Rights, the RFK Center’s litigation, advocacy, and capacity-building arm, builds multi-year partnerships with human rights activists to advance social justice goals around the world;RFK Speak Truth To Power educates more than half a million students around the world each year with a human rights school curriculum offered from pre-school to law school and a newly launched bullying prevention initiative, RFK Project SEATBELT; and RFK Compass promotes corporate responsibility by ensuring that human rights concerns, fair labor practices, and environmental safeguards are reflected in global investment strategies. The RFK Center’s European partner organization, RFK Europe, provides human rights education programs to schools across the continent, and operates the RFK Europe Training Institute providing cutting edge training for human rights activists and grassroots organizations.s is dedicated to advancing the human rights movement through providing innovative support to courageous human rights defenders around the world.

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