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Robert Ghanea-Hercock is a chief research engineer at the BT Group Pervasive ICT Research Centre (see also British Telecom). According to BT Group's website, "he is an experienced researcher and lecturer in a wide range of AI systems, including Software Agents, Mobile Robots and Evolutionary algorithms. He has several years industrial experience as a Senior Researcher in Intelligent Software Agents within BT research and Venturing. Prior to this position he was a lecturer at Salford University, teaching courses in AI, Robotics, Knowledge Based systems, and Analogue Electronics."[1]

In 2004, Robert Ghanea Hercock, was appointed team leader within the Data & Information Fusion project, as part of the Defence Technology Centre initiative of the United Kingdom MoD (Ministry Of Defence).[2]

He has served as Chair of the Cyber Security KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network), and was a 2008 Visiting Fellow at Imperial College, London[3]

He holds several international patents in the field of Mobile Software Agents and has published over seventeen papers in referred journals and international conferences.His qualifications include a Ph.D. in Multi-Agent and Robot control systems from Salford University: an MSc in Real-time Electronic Systems from Bradford University: and a First Class BSc Physics and Electronic Engineering Joint Hon's Degree at Keele University, England."[4]

Robert Ghanea Hercok is also an active member of the Baha'i Faith, teaching in the area of Science and Religion.[5]

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