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Robert M. Bruce was a senior scientist in the law department at R.J. Reynolds.[1] He was a glucose/fructose researcher.


Dr. Robert M. Bruce was a scientist for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (circa March 1970 into the 1980s--dates uncertain). He was a member of Anthony Colucci's team of R.J. Reynolds scientists investigating the effects of smoking on the lungs. They were getting close to a mechanism that would have demonstrated conclusively that cigarettes destroy lung tissue, how they destroy lung tissue, how they predispose it to chronic bronchitis and emphysema and ultimately to cancer.(Primetime Live 2/25/93)

By March 1970, Colucci's team was near a breakthrough when they were all fired.(ABC Primetime Live 2/22/93). Bruce was re-hired by R.J. Reynolds for a time in the 1980s to help company lawyers defend against tobacco lawsuits.(ABC Primetime Live 2/25/93) Dr. Bruce said the tobacco companies have maintained lies for decades, "It is certainly a web of deception. It would probably make a black widow jealous."(ABC Primetime Live 2/25/93) Robert M. Bruce did work concerning carbohydrate metabolism in the 1960's-1970. He was terminated.(Source: R.J. Reynolds Who's Who NMLRP)

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