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Robin Page "started out in politics as a Conservative, standing in the 1979 election as the Party’s candidate in Bethnal Green. ... In 1996 he joined the Referendum Party, and after speaking at its Party Conference in Brighton was invited to serve on its Council by Sir James Goldsmith. In 1997 he stood for the Referendum Party in South Cambridgeshire, easily saving his deposit again... With the death of Jimmy Goldsmith and the demise of the Referendum Party, Robin joined UKIP – then a “green” and idealistic party fighting against the idea/reality of the European Superstate." Robin left UKIP in 2009. [1]

"He has written for many national newspapers and magazines. He has regular columns in The Daily Telegraph, The Countryman and the Shooting Times – although he does not shoot. He also regularly contributes to the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday. ... He has written thirty-one books. He regards “The Decline of an English Village” as his best – and the most important. He is currently writing “The Lost Tribe of Britain”. He also runs his own small publishing company “Bird’s Farm Books”. He started self-publishing when mainstream publishers refused to publish “The Hunting Gene”, almost certainly for reasons of political correctness. ... He is founder and Chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust, Patron of Save Our Squirrels (red squirrels) and a Council Member of the National Trust." [2]

Between 2009 and 2010 he served as the leader of the UK First Party.

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