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Dr. Rudiger-Alexander "Roger" Walk was a German toxicologist who worked for Philip Morris at their overseas biological research lab INBIFO -- and managed the split-off animal research facility called Contract Research Centre (CRC) which they located in Brussels. This became necessary when changes in German animal-testing laws made it difficult for this research to be conducted in secret. Walk anglicised his name to Roger A Walk and appears to have prefered to use that, rather than his german name.

INBIFO was then being directed by Dr Wolf Reininghaus at Cologne, and Roger Walk headed the Contract Research Center (CRC) -- an animal research center located in Brussels. He reported theoretically to Dr Reininghaus., but in fact he operated fairly independently under 'guidance' from Max Hausermann, at Philip Morris Europe's headquarters in Lausanne (later Neuchatel).

As a senior scientist at PM with qualifications in toxicology, biochemistry and biology, he provided scientific and technical information, guidance, education, and advice to Philip Morris on tobacco, cigarette smoke, and smoking. He participated in, and helped draft and review corporate submissions to regulatory agencies worldwide; participated in internal scientific research and development, for example through funding of external scientific research of scientific information, and he represented Philip Morris on scientific issues to external bodies. He was also part of the group of scientific dissemblers around Helmut Gaisch in Switzerland who went systematically about attacking any genuine research which linked tobacco smoking to heart conditons and cancer. In short, he often acted more as an inhouse lobbyist than he did as a scientist.


FTR (Doc Index) Archive documents
INBIFO & Contract Research Centre
Wolf Reininghaus & Helmut Gaisch
WhiteCoats & ARTIST

INBIFO (an acronym short for Institut fur Biologische Forschung GmbH, in Cologne, Germany) was a Philip Morris toxicological research institute with a main focus on inhalation toxicology. The company purchased INBIFO secretly to have a research facility out of reach of US disclosure laws in court cases.

Walk was a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology.

As head of Philip Morris Scientific Affairs department in Asia circa 1996, Walk was responsible for coordinating PM's Asian Environmental tobacco smoke scientific consultants program ("Asian Whitecoat Project). The project was implemented to fight smoking restrictions in Asian countries. This was a project for recruiting third party scientific consultants who would support PM's positions against smoking restrictions. Walk wrote in a 1996 PM "Plan for Asia":

Unwarranted smoking restrictions in workplaces and public facilities are often based on unbalanced reporting of scientific results. In order to balance those misrepresentations, credible scientists will be supported to inform the public about facts that have been omitted or misquoted.[1]

Documents & Timeline

1978-85Walk was a Research Scientist, study director and Department Head at INBIFO from 1978 to 1985.

1985-88 Walk was Research Director from 1985 to 1988,

1986 Oct 14 Walk was taken to the USA to visit the Richmond, Virginia laboratories of Philip Morris. The lawyer Cathy Ellis was responsible for his tour. [1]

1988 Mar 2 Ulrich Hackenberg (head of INBIFO), Roger Walk and Bradley Brooks (lawyer) were meeting in Brussels to sign papers for the creation of the Contract Research Centre (CRC) [2]


1988 Apr 29 Ulrich Hackenberg is wanting legal advice from Bradley Brooks in Lausanne about whether Roger Walk should sign an application (presumably to the Belgium Ministry of Agriculture), or whether it should be Michael Kaegler, who has been acting as the front to set up the CRC in Brussels. [3]

1988 June 10 They are trying to rent an area for the Contract Research Center. [4] The budget for CRC will be about $1.3 million. [5]

1989Walk is publishing on rat inhalation tests with HJ Haussmann, at INBIFO. [6]

1989 Apr 5Robert Seligman has written to Roger Walk about perceived problems between the CRC and INBIFO.

Tom (Osdene) and I are concerned over what we perceive to be the creatlon of unfortunate and certainly unnecessary barriers between CRC and 1NBIFO - more specifically between you and Ulrich Hackenberg. As far as we in the US are concerned, CRC and INBIFO are one and the same. CRC was created only as an unavoidable consequence of the German animal protection laws and our requirements to continue to get the job done. The sooner they can be reunited under one roof the happier we will be. [7]

1991 Feb-Mar Walk was working through the Contract Research Center, Zavente, Belgium in Brussels [8],

1992 - Scientist at the Institut fur Bioligische Forschung (INBIFO) PM research centre in Hamburg, Germany), who had contacts in IARC (Ong 39) [9]

1994 became Asia rep for Worldwide Environmental Policy Network. (Maybe 1996)

1994 PM included in IARC planning meetings 1994 [2]

1994 Was at the CRS Contract Research Center, Belgium 2028361007

AEB Andre Badstuber FTR
AHA Abdelgawad new prod.
ANF A Frattolillo eng.
BGE Brigit Gerstenberg smoke chem.
BHO B Hofer new prods
CHK C Kursteiner materials
.CLJ CL Jeanneret PME lab mgr/admin
CVE Ch.Vermot S&T FTR
CWO C Wood eng,?
DAA D Amati pesticides
DAT D Turpin quality chk

EDS - (??)
ERO Edwald Roemer INBIFO
EVM E Moser flavour ch.
FLO - (admin?)
FMO F Moser Optical anal.
FTE (INBIFO scientist)
GLA G Lauper S&T anal.chm.
GNB GN Bindler R&D anal.chem.
GSE Georg Schepers INBIFO nicotine
GUO G Orsan tob quality
HEF - (2nd Level)
HER Helmut Reif EEC
HGA Helmut W Gaisch EEC chief scientist
HHM - HJ Haussmann
HJH (Walk's assoc at CRC)

IAM Iancou A Marcovitch
KHO (INBIFO scientist)

JAB - (??)
JBB Jean-Bernard Boder additives PME
JBE J Berney bacteria
JBR J Bernie Robinson PM EEMA
JJB JJ Piade gas analysis
JMJ (S&T tob chem.)
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JMD JM Ducommun
JMV JM Villard new prod EEMA
JUS J Smith new prods.EEC
KHO - K Holt
KHW Keith J Ware PM EEMA
KRU (INBIFO scientist)
MAH Max Hausermann
MCB - (admin 2nd level)
MCM (Walk co-author CRC)
MDH Michael D Horst Corp.Aff. PM EEMA
MDZ M De Zuanni new prod.
MEA A Mengoini S&T FTR
MIH M.Hofer micobiology
MRC MR Chemla new prods EEMA
MUM M Murray S&T flavor.chm.

PAG (tob chemist)
PHM Ph.Moor S&T anal.chem.
PKU (INBIFO scientist)
PVO - P Voncken (INBIFO)
SAP S Pestlin smoke anal
SCD Steven C Darrah admin PM EEC
SEF F Senehi smoke analal
SGC Stig Carlson
TBA T Badertscher new prod.
TMU (INBIFO scientist)

WAF - (lab gas researcher)
WRE - W Reininghaus
WRE (INBIFO scientist)
WSF Walter S Fink
WST (INBIFO scientist)
YVG Y Genoud anal.chem. FTRR&D
US References
FER Frank E Resnik Chm. PMUSA
RBS Robert B Seligman R&D PMUSA
TSO Thomas S Osdene S&T PMUSA

1994 May 10 J Wahren notes of a visit to Ruth Dempsey, Ritter at INBIFO by GSE, WRE, HHM, KHO, WHA, PVO, ERO and BGE [Said to be DEMPSEY; HACKENBERG,U; HAUSSMANN,HJ; HOLT,KV; REININGHAUS,W; RITTER; ROEMER,E; SCHEPERS,G; VONCKEN,P; GERSTENBERG,B; JOHNSON; NIELSEN; RITTER; WALK,RA Cotanine research in hair; this is a fairly stable break-down product from nicotine which provides a marker to the amount of nicotine that was in the air previously (because nicotine is highly active and breaks down quickly). It is found in rat and human hair, and naturally also found in the smoke. The cotanine level was higher than nicotine levels. There was a Norwegian study with hair samples on several hundred children which gave some indication to their daily exposure levels . Nilsen is doing some work and getting unexpected results. [10]

1994 Oct 12 Steve Parrish head of Corporate Affairs at PMMC has set up an IARC Study Group at PM in New York/Europe. This is his top in-house team of scientific dissemblers and scientific lobbyists.

RA Walk INBIFO scientist [12]

1995-96 He was the Executive Scientist responsible for research projects in Asia from 1995 to 1996. Inbifo Office 2029057322

1996 Aug 5 Roger Walk was in Hong Kong as the Asian representative for [[Worldwide Environmental Policy Network WEPN). He is writing to Peter Barnes, the President of PMAI (Asia/India ?). He has Eric Windholz also, and has had a visit from PM Worldwide Regulatory Affairs (WRA) group, Deborah Becker (NY) and Mary T Cramer (Europe). [13]

1996-99 he was a Research Fellow in PM's Scientific Affairs Asia-Japan-Australia, based in Hong Kong.

1999 Walk was a Fellow in PM's Worldwide Scientific Affairs (WSA) department in New York in 1999, and became Director of Worldwide Scientific Affairs for PM USA and Acting Director Asia-Japan-Australia in 1999, based in Richmond, Virginia. [3][4]

1999 Nov 26 Roger Walk of PM provides information on his "3rd Party Activities".

  • He is a member of ARTIST (Asian Regional Tobacco Science Team)
  • A member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Inhalation Specialty Group
  • A member of SOT's Risk Assessment Speciality Group
  • Member of ASIATOX
  • Member of EUROTOX (+ DGPT)
  • A number of other German medical research organisations.



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