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Roger Middlekauff was a lawyer with McKenna Conner and Cuneo who ran the Flavor & Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) which serviced the food and tobacco industries. He also became the secretary and general counsel to the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) alongside Alex Malaspina (from Coca Cola) who had the title of Vice President. Malaspina and Middlekauff clearly ran the ILSI and had oversight over many of its numerous subsidiaries.

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Alex Malaspina

Documents & Timeline=

1977-78 Symposium and Annual Meeting of the Flavor & Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) lists:

  • Alex Malaspina reporting on the "International Food Laws Committee"
  • Roger Middlekauff reporting on "Status of FD& Colors: Materials Transportation. ALSO "Report of the BVO/SAIB Committee"
The President of FEMA was Dr J rank Perkins, of the Swiss flavour specialist firm Firmenich, Inc.
The President-Elect was Robert W Koch, Sn, of the Chicago Food Materials Corporation.
Board members included Dr J Allen Brent, VP of the Coca Cola Company (the Malaspina company)
  • Malapina reported (as chairman) also on the International Food Laws Committee. They were promoting the use of GRAS rules in the USA -- "Generally Recognised As Safe" -- which didn't require any laboratory testing. He reports here on the development of colourings and additive classifications worldwide, and regrets that some food manufacturers have begun advertising and promoting the idea that their food stuffs are free from artifical chemicals.
  • Middlekauff reported on "Current Status of FD&C Colors and Materials Transportation". The FDA has recently reorganised and published its Code of Federal Regulations. Middlekauff and Malaspina are already working together,