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Roger Moody "is Managing Editor of the Mines and Communities website. He is an experienced international researcher and campaigner who has traveled extensively, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. As an activist he has worked with community organizations in South America, the Asia-Pacific and Africa. He has been keynote speaker at numerous conferences on mining, including the World Council of Churches consultation on mining and indigenous peoples (1996), Third World Africa's conference on the social and environmental impacts of mining (2000) and most recently, the World Social Forum, Mumbai, on the global impacts of mining (2004).

"Among his many works are the highly acclaimed The Gulliver File: Mines, People and Land - A Global Battleground (Minewatch/WISE Glen Aplin/International Books, 1992), The Indigenous Voice: Visions and Realities (Zed Books, 1988) and his most recent work, The Risks We Run: Mining, Communities and Political Risk Insurance (International Books, Utrecht, 2005)." [1]

He most recent book is Rocks and Hard Places: The Globalization of Mining (Zed Books, 2007). ('Fabulous and very timely. Wonderful wealth of detail.'- Robert Goodland, former Chief Environmental Advisor to the World Bank.

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