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The Roosevelt Institution is a national student think tank created to connect students' ideas to the policy process and train a new generation of leaders.

From their website: "As students, we’re hopeful, passionate, pragmatic, and bright. We don’t have ideological or political debts. The future is ours and we get it. We write theses about how to reduce carbon emissions, volunteer to help improve public education for low-income youth, and raise money to fight AIDS in Africa. We have access to our faculties, to the world’s best research tools, to unique interdisciplinary programs on each campus -- and to each other.

But our intellectual capital is an underutilized asset -- we don’t have access to the policy process. The Roosevelt Institution is a national network of student think tanks that provide the organizational infrastructure to get student ideas into the public discourse. We have standing relationships with politicians and policymakers, media outlets, foundations, and other think tanks, and are building more by the day."

The Roosevelt Institution is the publisher of The Roosevelt Review, its national student research journal. The Review is an attempt to take students’ ideas out of the filing cabinet and place them on the desks of reporters, civil servants, and politicians so that students’ ideas can change public policy. This 100 to 200 page annual journal contains some of the finest student policy research conducted in America, from colleges and universities across the country.

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1527 New Hampshire Avenue NW
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (505) 699-9575
Fax: (202) 483-2657

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