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Rothmans, Inc. is a Canadian-owned, publicly traded tobacco company. In 2005 it was Canada's second largest tobacco company. Rothmans, Inc. maintains 60% ownership of the company Rothmans, Benson and Hedges (RBH); the other 40% is owned by Philip Morris. Major cigarette brands include Benson & Hedges, Craven, Rothmans, Belvedere, Belmont, Viscount, Dunhill and Number 7.

Rothmans was a participant in the multinational tobacco companies' 1980 Project Mayfly, a widespread effort discredit public health authorities and preserve smoking behavior.[1]

Rothmans was also a member of the International Committee on Smoking Issues (ICOSI), a secret group formed by the multinational tobacco companies in 1977 to unify and coordinate their efforts to counter global public health authorities' efforts to reduce tobacco use around the world.Page 7


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