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"Rudolf is a prominent lawyer and civil society figure in Ghana. Rudolf is the Executive Director of GrassRootsAfrica. He previously worked for the Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC) as the Director of Advocacy and Campaigns. The program was established as a response to the impact of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank polices with the poor and disadvantaged in Ghana. As an active student leader during the repressive Rawlings regime, Rudolf fought to restore democracy. He was jailed without prosecution several times during Rawlings rule in the 1980s for voicing the concerns of Ghanaian citizens.

"The Integrated Social Development Centre works closely with the National Coalition Against the Privatization of Water where Rudolf serves as the National Campaign Coordinator for the Coalition. The coalition is a broad consortium of organizations including health professionals, academia, trade unions, students, disabled, and women’s groups. They have been instrumental in raising public awareness about the water policies set by the World Bank. " [1]

According to the website of the Goldman Environmental Prize, the prize "is given each year to six environmental heroes - one from each of six continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Island Nations, North America and South/Central America. Initially each recipient received a $60,000 award from the Goldman Environmental Foundation. The award stipend has been raised three times since and currently stands at $125,000." [1]

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