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Rush Farm in Worcester, the farm which inspired BBC’s The Archers. [1] "Rush Farm is a beautiful 150 acre mixed family run farm which includes 22 acres of woodland. It is biodynamic Demeter and organic Soil Association certified." [1] "Stockwood Community Benefit Society was formed to preserve and protect Rush Farm in perpetuity and to embed ethical management of capital in mainstream business. " [2]

"Rush Farm farmhouse dates back to at least the 16th Century when it was probably no more than a hovel. It was extended in the 18th Century, with it’s outbuildings and farm buildings dating from the Victorian period. The Hillman family farmed the land for 80 years up until the 1980′s and were a notable part of the local, but also much wider community. A friend of the family was Godfrey Baseley, creator of the very popular, classic series The Archers. ​" [3]

Sebastian Parsons, "bought Rush Farm with his sisters, Tabitha and Sophie, in 2005, and converted it to biodynamic and organic cultivation." [4]

Founding Board of Stockwood Community Benefit Society

Accessed April 2014: [2]



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