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"Rutland Biodynamics Ltd was the first and is still possibly the only on-farm British or European licensed cGMP producer and manufacturer of bulk botanical extracts from home grown certified biodynamic organic herbs...If you are looking for finished herbal medicines made by Rutland Biodynamics, licensed either to re-sell through shops or dispensaries, or for personal consumption, then please click here to link to our specialist retail brand, English Herbal Medicines." [1]

"The company was founded by Paul Chenery, once a published chemist who gave up a life in conventional science to focus on developing a sustainable and natural lifestyle that addresses the environmental and welfare issues of the day, before studying and qualifying as a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

"1986: The farm has been farmed organically for over two decades and was a member of the Soil Association in the days when the BBC was in the habit of portraying organic farming as ‘cranky’ and both the National Farmer’s Union and Farmer’s Weekly declared that it was a dangerous threat to world farming! Later we were able to aspire to join the Biodynamic Agricultural Association and eventually becoming Demeter certified growers." [1]



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