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Ryan Mauro is the founder of WorldThreats.com, an analyst for the Northeast Intelligence Network, and the author of "Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq". [1]

The following profile comes from his speaker's/organizer's profile for The Intelligence Summit 2007 Conference, where he "will provide an update on the pre- and post-war situation in Iraq using his own sources, research and recently released Iraqi government documents, with an emphasis on Iraqi support for terrorism, the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being moved into Syria, and the continuing fight against the insurgency."

"Mr. Mauro is 19 years old and was hired at age 16 by Tactical Defense Concepts for his open-source geopolitical research, where his work was often passed along to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The group specializes in maritime-related security preparation. He conducted open-source projects on terrorist and geopolitical threats to shipping.
"Mr. Mauro is also a volunteer analyst for the Northeast Intelligence Network, which investigates reports of terrorism-related incidents and collects and analyzes exclusive information from independent sources and radical Islamic web communication. He also runs his own web site, WorldThreats.com.
"Mr. Mauro was an assistant editor for the book, 'The Forgotten Minorities of Eastern Europe' published in Finland.
"In 2005, he became the assistant-editor for GlobalPolitician.com and became a researcher for the Reform Party of Syria. He also published his first book, 'Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq', an extensive open-source research project coupled with input from his own sources. It discusses pre-war intelligence related to Saddam Hussein's dealings with terrorist groups and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and their movement into other countries. It also discusses the betrayals of key 'allies' of the United States and how the Iraqi insurgency manages to survive due to foreign support.
"He is currently signed to the William Morris Agency and his life rights were purchased by the Bunim-Murray production company for a feature film."

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