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SMARTech Corporation, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a "leading provider of advanced Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business. SMARTech delivers services via secure state-of-the-art Internet Data Centers, high-performance content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals," its website states.

SMARTech is a member of AirNet Group, Inc..

Coptix Inc. (web), another Chattanooga-based company, "provides backup DNS hosting for Smartech/Airnet." [1]

Republican Party

Web hosting

In March 2004, SMARTech CEO Jeff Averbeck told Dave Flessner of the Chattanooga Times Free Press that the company had "dedicated six Web servers to handle the business" and he was already "negotiating for more broadband capacity to handle the growing demand for electronic political information." [2]

In August 2004, SMARTech hosted the Republican National Convention in New York City. [3]

The company also hosts the Bush-Cheney '04 Inc. campaign web site, which now redirects to the Republican National Committee's website [4] Another web site that redirects to the RNC is

The reverse IP for RNCHQ.ORG includes 120 domains.

Also see WHOIS for and


In September 2004, SMARTech's CEO, Jeff Averbeck, told Business 2.0 Media that the company was "running the Republican websites, [saying], 'Politics today is getting people to get up and do something.' More than 1 million volunteers and 6 million e-mail and letter-writing activists have signed up for the Republicans this year over the Web.

"All those people make a good test bed for sophisticated database marketing techniques. 'When we send out an e-mail,' Averbeck says, 'I can tell immediately how it was received -- whether it was opened, forwarded, or discarded. We have code in the e-mail that shows me.'"

Election Consulting


In the 2004 election cycle (2003-2005), the Republican Party paid:

  • SMARTECH CORPORATION $2,275,081 (153 expenditures) for internet services, computer consulting, email programming, website services, web hosting, email services, wireless services, internet consulting, domain registration, and network consulting.


In the 2006 election cycle (2005-2006), the Republican Party paid:

  • SmarTech Corp. $8,539 (2 expenditures) marked "Paid for by transfer from RNC"
  • SMARTECH CORPORATION $3,320,066 (245 expenditures) for equipment, domain registration, web hosting, web services, email programming, data storage, internet connection, internet services, in-kind phone services, computer programming, database programming, license fees, video services, online video streaming, software purchase, training, office supplies, airfare, transportation, meals & lodging, sales tax, etc. [5]

In the 2006 election cycle (2005-2006), the National Republican Congressional Committee paid:


Information is not yet available for the 2008 election cycle (2007-2008).

Campaign Supporter

In August 2004, SMARTech was listed among those contributing between $2,500 and $5m to the New York City Host Committee, which organized the Republican National Convention. [6]

Other Political Campaigns

  • Bloomberg for Mayor 2005 NYC Inc. [7]


Contact Information

801 Broad Street, Suite 220
P.O. Box 11181
Chattanooga, TN 37401
Phone: 423 267-8853
Toll Free: 866 664-7684
FAX: 423 664-7680
Web: (redirects to
General email: info AT

Location: In March 2007, the business records for SMARTech showed the corporation formed in February 2002, the registered agent as Jerre B. Mosley, an attorney, and the principal office as 705 Windy Way in Signal Mountain, TN. [8] 705 Windy Way is the address for CEO/President Jeff Averbeck. [9]

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