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Biographical Information

"Salameh Nematt is a Jordanian journalist and writer. He is currently a columnist at The Daily Beast and is the former Washington bureau chief of the international Arabic daily Al-Hayat newspaper.

"Nematt was born in 1962 in Amman, Jordan. He studied Business Administration at the Jordanian University and graduated in 1982. He started working as a journalist in 1983 at the English language newspaper, The Jordan Times. In 1985 he was granted a six-month Alfred Friendly training scholarship from the National Press Foundation.

"In 1988, he worked as a reporter for the BBC and Al-Hayat, as well as for the German news agency, DPA. He covered the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the second Gulf War in 1991, and the Madrid Peace Conference that same year. He specialized in Foreign Affairs and relations between Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

"He was instrumental in unveiling the scandal of Jordanian officials and members of parliament accepting bribes from Saddam Hussein’s regime, one of his most outstanding journalistic achievements." [1]

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