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Sarah C. Carey is a Partner at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. "She serves on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards, and represents both major investors in Russia and Central Asia, as well as blue chip Russian and other foreign companies involved in international transactions. Ms. Carey is also Chair of the Eurasia Foundation board and former Chair of the Atlantic Council's U.S. Working Group on U.S.-Cuba Relations." [1]

Member of the advisory board of Women in International Security.

"At the invitation of the Kazakh government, Ms. Carey participated as an accredited election observer at the December 4, 2005 presidential election in Kazakhstan. As an observer, she met with key members of both the presidential and the opposition parties and visited a dozen or more polling stations on election day.

"Ms. Carey is the presidentially appointed chair of the board of directors of the Eurasia Foundation and was a director of Yukos Oil Company from 2001-2004. She currently serves on the board of Akbars Bank," her SSD profile" states.

She is also Director of the Academy for Educational Development.

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