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"In 1973, he settled in England, taking an Editorship of Resurgence magazine. He has been the editor ever since (30 + years!). He is the guiding spirit behind a number of ecological, spiritual and educational ventures in Britain. He founded the Small School in Hartland, a pioneering secondary school (aged 11-16), which brings into its curriculum ecological and spiritual values. In 1991, Schumacher College, a residential international center for the study of ecological and spiritual values, was founded, of which he is the Director of Programme...

"In July 2000, Satish Kumar was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Education from the University of Plymouth. In July 2001 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Literature from the University of Lancaster.

"In November 2001, Satish Kumar was presented with the Jamnalal Bajaj International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values Abroad.

"His autobiography, No Destination, was first published in 1978. A revised and updated edition is published by Green Books. His book You Are, Therefore I Am – A Declaration of Dependence was published by Green Books in September 2002. Satish’s third book The Buddha and the Terrorist was published in November 2004.

"In 2008, Satish Kumar presented a 50-minute documentary on the BBC as part of the Natural World series. In the programme Satish introduced the Dartmoor scenes and sights that most inspire him and contemplated the lessons they hold for humanity. A highly acclaimed documentary that mixed eastern philosophy with the western landscape of Dartmoor; the programme was watched by over 3.6 million people

"Satish teaches, lectures and runs workshops internationally on reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity." [1]

For a recent account of Satish and Menon's Peace Pilgrimage (1962-64), see E.P. Menon, Footprints on Friendly Road (Minerva Press, 2001).

Satish Kumar was one of the contributors for writing the book, We Are One: A Celebration of Tribal Peoples, released in October 2009.

Satish Kumar noted that: "Teddy Goldsmith and I worked together in 1972 and were the two environmentalists chosen to represent Britain at the first UN Environmental Conference. We worked together for many more years after that." [2]

He is married to June Mitchell.


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