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Saundra Mac D. Hunter, Ph.D is a sociologist at Louisiana State University, and has served as a Plaintiff's Expert in cases against the tobacco industry.


Saundra Hunter Ph.D. was a medical sociologist for Louisiana State University in 1986. Hunter worked on a major study of lifestyles and health habits among young people between the ages of eight and seventeen. The study, which was funded by the U.S. government's National Institutes of Health (NIH), has tracked all of the children in Bogalusa, Louisiana, since 1972. The study showed tremendous increase in use of snuff by children from 1976-1981. The study tracked cigarette use. Hunter testified for plaintiffs at the Sean Marsee (smokeless tobacco) trial in 1986. The defendant argued what was true for Bogalusa not true for other places. On cross-examination, Hunter admitted she didn't develop the numbers and was apparently tripped up on the percentage increase in snuff dippers.(L. White, Merchants of Death 1988)

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