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Second to None is an advocacy and lobbying group funded by the Aerospace Industries Association, a lobbying and trade group for defense and aerospace contractors, like Boeing, Bombardier, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Corporation , BAE Systems, etc.,, to lobby Congress and the 2011 Congressional Budget "Supercommittee," not to cut the defense budget.[1] The group urges continued government expenditure on defense items like Predator drones, cruise missiles, military aircraft and spy satellites. [2]

Spin on tax breaks for corporate jet owners

Second to None called the proposal to eliminate tax breaks for private jet owners called an "attack on private travel." After President Obama proposed scaling back a tax break for private jet owners to raise about $3 billion over the next decade, Second to None issued an article in defense of those tax breaks titled "Iowans tell Obama to Stop Attacking Private Travel and their Jobs"[3]


Second to None does not disclose its funding on it website.


No board information is available.

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Second to None gives no fixed address or telephone number for contact. Contact is by email only.


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