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Servant's Heart "provides extensive physical aid to the people of southern Blue Nile and Eastern Upper Nile of south Sudan. We have provided emergency food relief to those who are unable to provide food for their families due to the direct and indirect consequences of the long-running civil war and drought. Servant's Heart has also provided seed and agricultural tools to hundreds of families for planting crops and building homes to help them get back on their feet. We have provided clothing and blankets to those in need and reunited orphans with extended family members...

"Servant's Heart provides pastor training, pastoral and congregational support to help build up the Christian church in south Sudan. Congregations have built new church buildings and helped the widows and orphans. Up to 75 churches are known in this region of approximately 200,000 people. Populations are transient as they relocate as a result of Government of Sudan military and militia activity in the region. Many congregations continue to be "underground" as they keep their gatherings clandestine to avoid attracting military attention. Others sing loudly and can be heard for miles, attracting people from the countryside." [1]


Accessed August 2008: [2]

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