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"Siegfried Finser is a former Steiner-Waldorf teacher. He worked in the corporate world and lectures regularly on the nature of money. He was treasurer of the Anthroposophical Society in America. He lives in Massachusetts, Florida and California." [1]

Founding Trustee of RSF Social Finance, "Siegfried Finser, and author of Money Can Heal, has just released a new book, Footprints of an Angel. It is the story of a man seeking to understand serendipitous moments in his life that came about through more than luck or his own doing. Siegfried Finser discovers that major turning points in his life were not well thought out or carefully planned, but rather, they seemed to happen largely by accident, the results of coincidence or even a series of miracles." [2]

"Siegfried Finser has been a trustee since revitalizing RSF in 1984. After teaching in the Rudolf Steiner School in New York, he managed a division of Xerox Corp. Mr. Finser then served as Director of Human Resource Development at ITT, with worldwide responsibility for the development and placement of more that 10,000 of its executives. Since then he has consulted with major corporations and advised clients for RSF. Mr. Finser studied at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, earned a BA from Rutgers University and an MA in Educational Psychology from New York University. Mr. Finser is the author of Money Can Heal, published by Steiner Books." [3]


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