Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute

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Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute

Closing Letter (February 2010)

"The Union received this communication from Marge Kaiser, executive director of the Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute, known locally for its yearly Bioneers Conference:

"Dear Wonderful Friends and Supporters of SNDEI:
"It is with both sadness and joy that I announce that the Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute is suspending operations. The sadness is because it is the end of a decade of exciting work and joy because of what an exciting decade it has been.
"We began 10 years ago with a vision of an enlightened community on the subject of nature and the environment – a community committed to caring for the planet, whose heart was one with the natural world and knowledgeable on the problems and solutions to a more sustainable way of living.
"During the past decade we held educational events for adults and children to increase awareness of environmental issues. We had field trip programs in local schools, put on EcoKids, held wilderness outings, collaborated with other environmental non-profits and our local Tsi Akim Maidu to inform the public of the importance of caring for the earth.
"We brought world class speakers to Nevada County, such as Percy Schmeiser, Bill McKibben, George Sessions, Dan Dagget, Jerry Mander, Carolyn Raffensperger, Kenny Ausubel and others – all experts on solutions to environmental issues. We raised $3000 to help Canadian farmer, Percy Schmeiser, fight Monsanto over the right to grow his own non-GMO seeds.
"10 years ago the general public had very little knowledge of the potential for impending environmental disaster or that the way we live is unsustainable.
"When we first started in 1999 there were just a handful of other environmental non-profits, all of whom focused on specific areas of our watershed. Today there are many non-profits involved in educating the public as to what both the issues and the solutions are – SYRCL film festival, APPLE Center, Yuba Watershed Institute, and the local food coalition, to name a few. We at SNDEI are pleased to know that the work is continuing and we are proud of our part in making it happen.
"We would like to thank our founders who served on the first Board of Directors, many of whom you will know: George Sessions, Geri Stout, BJ Schmitt, Julie Carville, Brian Terhorst, Pinky Zalkan, Pat Barrantine, and Ted Toal. And many thanks to all the people who served on the SNDEI Board over the past 10 years – dedicated and very hard working people who made it all happen.
"Thank you to our Advisory Board – a group of knowledgeable pioneers who have dedicated their lives to the work and who were always there for us when we needed their advice, no matter how famous or busy they were.
"And finally, we are very grateful to all of you for your support these past 10 years.
"Through your envisioning with us, participating in events, volunteering, donating time and money, collaborating, we have been able to accomplish much. Whatever SNDEI has accomplished, you have accomplished.
"You have made the difference and none of it could have been done without you. It 's been a great ten years. We thank you all. And keep up the good work!
"Marge Kaiser, Executive Director, Retired; Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute (SNDEI)

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