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The Socialist International "is the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties. It currently brings together 161 political parties and organisations from all continents.

"The Socialist International, whose origins go back to the early international organisations of the labour movement, has existed in its present form since 1951, when it was re-established at the Frankfurt Congress. Since then it has been increasingly active and grown considerably in membership, particularly in recent years doubling the number of its members during the 1990s. Labour, social democratic and socialist parties are now a major political force in democracies around the world. Numerous member parties of the International, in all continents, are currently leading governments or are the main opposition force...

"From 1976 to 1992 the late Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of Germany and winner of the 1971 Nobel Peace Prize, was President of the Socialist International. Pierre Mauroy, former Prime Minister of France, served as President from 1992 to 1999, and Antonio Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal, from 1999 to 2005." [1]

Former Presidents and Secretaries Generals

Accessed October 2008: [2]


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Honorary Presidents

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