Socialization of costs and privatization of profits

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This is the system in place in America where tax payer money is used to fund research and development in technological advances, usually by the Pentagon, and then these discoveries, after being used and superceded by the military, are passed on to private corporations to create products introduced to the marketplace. The profits made from these products rarely go back into the communties that footed the initial bill for its very development.

The war profiteering of the entire military-industrial complex is funded by public money for private profits.

When the Banana Republicans berate welfare and subsidies and socialization they refer only to those uses as they were intended by the Constitution. For them it's OK however to subsidize their corporate benefactors with public money.

The review by 'Responsible Wealth', of the 2004 release of the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, notes that "everyone on the Forbes 400 owes their wealth partly to a taxpayer-financed inheritance of public research and contracts; public schools and universities; communications, transportation and other critical infrastructure, and myriad government institutions from the Federal Reserve and the courts to the Treasury, Defense and Commerce Departments." [1]