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"The Society of Individualists was founded in 1942, with many of its supporters, including its first president Sir Ernest Benn, drawn from those associated with the remnant individualist wing of the Liberal party. In 1944 the Society of Individualists merged with the National League for Freedom, which itself had been formed from those associated with the explicitly anti-socialist wing of the Conservative party. The Society for Individual Freedom took on its present name in 1947...In 1994, the SIF helped to publish Professor David Myddelton's book The Power to Destroy, a major study of the often malign consequences of the British tax system, which was then distributed free to universities throughout the UK. " [1]

In 1972 the SIF founded Civic Education & Research Trust, a charity which in 2012 published SIF editor Dr Nigel G. Meek’s Conservative Party Politicians at the Turn of the 20th/21st Centuries.

"Evolving from a newsletter, The Individual is the present journal of the Society for Individual Freedom. It is normally published two or three times a year and has been edited by Dr Nigel Gervas Meek since 2002 following the retirement of Paul Anderton (1932-2006)." [1]


Accessed July 2014: [2]


  • President: Vacant
  • Vice-Presidents: Sir Richard Body and Professor David Myddelton
  • Chairman of the National Council: Professor David Myddelton
  • Chairman of the Executive Committee: Michael Plumbe
  • Treasurer: Lucy Ryder
  • Editor, Webmaster and Membership Secretary: Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
  • Secretary: Rhoda Zeffertt

Current members of the National Council


PO Box 744, Bromley, BR1 4WG

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