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Sol M. Linowitz (deceased 1913-2005) was "a 1938 graduate of the Cornell Law School. A cofounder and former chairman of the Xerox Corporation, Linowitz served as ambassador to the Organization of American States under President Lyndon Johnson and as the chief conegotiator of the Panama Canal Treaties under President Jimmy Carter. He also served as President Carter's representative to the Middle East peace talks. Until 1994 Linowitz practiced law as a partner with Coudert brothers in Washington, D.C." [1]

"He has been active in starting and developing a number of nonprofit organizations, including the National Urban Coalition, the International Executive Service Corps, and the Inter-American Dialogue. He is the honorary chairman of the Academy for Educational Development, which sponsors educational initiatives around the world. In 1998 Ambassador Linowitz received the United States’ highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom." [2]

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