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Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is a Confederate heritage group. In recent years it, and its officials, have become linked to various white supremacist and neo-confederate groups.

Leadership squabbles

In recent years, Kirk Lyons, the founder of Southern Legal Resource Center, who has known attachments to racists as David Duke, as well as avowedly racist groups such as the League of the South, and the Council of Conservative Citizens, has attempted to get himself elected as head of the SCV. When he lost to Gilbert Jones, in a 17 vote difference, his supporters voted in the next day Ron G. Wilson, by 47 votes, and begun a purge of all moderate and opposing members.[1]

Confederate dress

Jacqueline Duty, who had designed and sown together a dress emblonized with the Confederate Flag, was barred from her high school prom on May 1st 2004. It was not until a significantly longer time later, however, that she sued claiming violation of her 1st Amendment rights. The SCV has promised to help cover part of her legal fees.[2]

A cadre of high ranking members are linked to the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South.[3]

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