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This participatory project was featured from Nov. 14-Nov. 21, 2007. You can help out by pitching in here or by checking out the other things you can do at the main "things you can do" page. Please contact the staff editors if you need any assistance.


To include the vote to confirm Michael Mukasey in each senator's "permanent record" - their Congresspedia profile.


  1. Open this link (you may want to open it in a new window or tab) and click on your state. There you will see link to the profiles of both your senators.
  2. Open this link (you may want to open it in a new window or tab) and find your Senators and how they voted on the Mukasey confirmation.
  3. Select one of your senators from the Congresspedia state portal. Once you get to their page, scroll down and click the "[edit]" link next to the "Record and controversies" section heading.
    • You need to be logged-in to edit (this prevents vandalism and spam), so if this is your fist time editing you'll need to go here to register.
  4. Paste in this text, making sure to insert the name of your Senator and which way he/she voted:

    ===Michael Mukasey nomination===
    Sen. [INSERT YOUR SENATOR'S NAME HERE] voted FOR/AGAINST the confirmation Bush appointee [[Michael Mukasey]] as Attorney General of the U.S. on Nov. 8, 2007. Six Democrats and Sen. [[Joe Lieberman]] (I-Conn.) joined most Republicans in the 53-40 vote confirming Mukasey. No Republicans voted against him. [] Mukasey's nomination was surrounded by controversy after he called [[waterboarding]] "repugnant" but refused to say whether it was illegal under anti-torture laws.
    {{Main|Michael Mukasey}}

  5. Enter a note about what you did in the "Summary" box - in this case something like "Mukasey vote" will do.
  6. Click "Save page" and you're done! If you'd like to do your other senator, follow the same process. While you're at it you may be interested in another current participatory project: Recording representatives' records on the State Children's Health Insurance Program.