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"There is no glamour or adventure in this job, it consists of normal military operations, although we encounter serious resistance in our operations and backing is only marginal." -Cobus Claassens


Southern Cross is a private military company started by former Executive Outcomes officer Cobus Claasens in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1999. One of the few companies to remain in the country, SCS provides specialized security for commercial and residential clients, ports and shores. [1][2] They have evolved from their beginnings to provide logistical support, movement of goods and communication capabilities as well.

One of their most important duties has been protecting Sierra Rutile Ltd.'s titanium dioxide mines from being destroyed during the civil war. This has allowed some future for Sierra Leone's economy in the post-war period. [3][4]

SCS hires mostly from the local labor pool to fullfill the duties of guards, radio operators, and low and mid-level managerial posts. Upper management is made of a core of expatriates with backgrounds in government services and engineering. [5]


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Southern Cross Security Services
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