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Spirit in Education Movement SEM "is an alternative college founded in 1995. It offers a spiritually based, ecologically sound, holistic alternative to mainstream education. Its philosophy is rooted in Buddhist wisdom and deep concern for ecological sustainability and social justice. The founders realise that the mainstream education in South East Asia is not in tune with the realities of the changing world. This is especially the case when related to the paradigm shift from mechanical world view to a more holistic one that is more inclusive and less Euro-centric, a way of thinking which has dominated the elites of these societies since the colonial times. So SEM has run many courses that promote the interaction between the alternative thinkers of the West and the best minded of Asia. Examples of these are: [1]

SEM is a sister organization of the Sathirakoses Nagaprateepa Foundation.

Directors (from 2007)

Accessed January 2009: [2]

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