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"In 1911 Springhead became a private residence, first being owned by Humphrey Springfield and then Harold Squire, an artist. In 1933 Rolf and Marabel Gardiner bought the estate. As well as being a family home for the couple and their three children, it became a nucleus of a widely extending farm and forestry operation and a centre for the arts and revival of traditional cultures.

"In his beliefs, Rolf Gardiner (1902-1971) was greatly inspired and influenced by his friend, author D. H. Lawrence, with whom he corresponded over a number of years. And it is thought that Lawrence’s later emphases in his writing on man’s relation to his natural environment were themselves affected by his contact with Rolf Gardiner, who was one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement and a founder member of the Soil Association. (See ‘Organic Nationalism’ from Utopia Britannica for further details.)

"On the death of Rolf Gardiner, the family set up a trust in 1973 to manage and endorse him and his wife’s image of Springhead and to secure it in perpetuity for people from all walks of life to be inspired by and benefit from."[1]


Accessed January 2013: [2]


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Web: http://www.springheadtrust.co.uk

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