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Stanley Monteith (born 1929) is a radio host and author and a retired orthopedic surgeon, popularly known as Doctor Stan. He hosts Radio Liberty (a show produced by Genesis Communications Network). In 1988 Monteith ran for Congress as a Republican in California's 16th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Leon Panetta. Panetta was reelected with nearly 79 per cent of the vote. Prior to his run for Congress, Monteith was a longtime member of the John Birch Society, and had once headed the group's Santa Cruz County chapter. He was later a member of the Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition and the Coalition on Revival. In a 1994 piece on Christian Reconstructionism, Frederick Clarkson with Political Research Associates, cites Monteith, with Robertson, as "another example of Christian Right conspiracy theory." wiki


  • Brotherhood of Darkness - (Hearthstone Publishing, Ltd 01/09/2000)
  • Aids. the Unnecessary Epidemic. America Under Siege - (Covenant House 01/0/2000)
  • Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception (Training Manual for Parents, Physicians, and Dentists) (Book with DVD) - (Radio Liberty 2004)
  • IRAQ: The Untold Story - (Book With DVD) (Radio Liberty 2004)


  • Frederick Clarkson, "Christian Reconstructionism: Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence," Public Eye, March/June, 1994. Reprinted in Chip Berlet, ed., Eyes Right! Challenging the Right Wing Backlash, South End Press, 1995.

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