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Stephanie Cutter was appointed to campaign of Democratic Party presumptive nominee for President, Barack Obama as a "senior adviser and chief of staff to Michelle Obama."[1]

"Cutter's new Obama role underscores a growing concern within the campaign and among outside allies that Michelle Obama is becoming a lightening rod for the opposition," wrote Shailagh Murray for the Washington Post.[1]


Cutter was named in July 2003 as Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC).[2] Prior to this she had been Communications Director for Senator Edward M. Kennedy in Washington, DC. A DNC media release stated that Cutter "previously worked for President Bill Clinton as the Deputy Communications Director at the White House and as the Associate Administrator for Communications at the U.S. EPA. Cutter has participated in the press operation of the last three conventions -- Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Originally from Raynham, Massachusetts, Cutter is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and Smith College in Northampton, MA."[2]

In November 2003 Cutter was named to replace campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs on U.S. presidential election, 2004 candidate John Forbes Kerry's campaign team.[3]

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