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Stephen Bing is a real estate heir. He was a major donor to California's Prop 87 in 2006. According to the Los Angeles Times, the approximately $50 million that Bing spent on the failed initiative was "the biggest single personal investment in a ballot proposition in state history."[1]

Political giving

Bing donates under his name and his entertainment company (Shangri-La Entertainment) also has been a major donor to political causes.

Ballot measures

Proposition Year Amount
Proposition 8 2008 $500,000
Proposition 87 2006 $49.5 million
Proposition 77 2005 $4.25 million[2]
Proposition 57 2004
Proposition 71 2004 $260,000[3]
Proposition 72 2004 $50,000
Proposition 10 1998 $1.8 million

Candidates, parties

Since 2000, Bing has given $640,172 to the California Democratic Party.

Political candidates to whom Bing has donated include:

  • Dick Durbin, Rahm Emmanuel, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton.[4]

Candidate committees Bing has donated to include:

  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.[4]


Bing donated between $10-25 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation.[5]

An aircraft owned by Stephen Bing, a longtime Democratic donor and fund-raiser, carried Clinton and journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee back to the United States.[6]

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