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Landmark Decision - Tribune endorses Miller over Davis

The Chicago Tribune endorsed [1] Steve Miller (R) IL for Illinois Seventh Congressional District on October 22, 2008. Steve Miller's campaign is making headlines with a message of Constitutionally mandated government transparency, liberty, and freedom. Steve Miller is committed to bringing a profound change to Washington D.C. by standing firm on Constitutional principles that protect the people of the United Sates from the tyranny of big government spending.

Steve Miller is leading his team of dedicated followers to spread the message of personal empowerment. "How much does the government spend on items it purchases?", Mr. Miller questions his audiences. When met with the blank stares that inevitably follow, he adds, "Why don't we know?"

Article 1 Section 9 of the constitution requires all public monies going into and out of the Treasury be published for all to see. Why isn't this being done in government today?

"The people of the United States of America deserve to know how, when, and where their money is being spent down to the penny.", Steve Miller proclaimed at the McCormick Freedom Museum at a forum hosted by the Junior League. Steve Miller went on to say, "Every government department, entity, and agency, has a website and their expenses should be published online for all to see."

The Steve Miller for Congress campaign is celebrating the hard fought endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. The campaign looks forward to delivering on it's promises and bringing the changes necessary to empower the voting public to make informed decisions about who they are electing to public office. Steve Miller insists the people must know how the government spends the money of the people living in the seventh Congressional District of Illinois including Chicago, Oak Park, Forest Park, Maywood, Westchester, and Bellwood, IL. Mr. Miller is opposing the six term Congressman Danny Davis (D).

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