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Steve Parrish was a Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Philip Morris for many years. On many occasions he also acted as spokesman for the entire tobacco US industry. Before joining Philip Morris he was an lawyer with the Kansas City firm of Shook Hardy and Bacon working on tobacco accounts and so he was closely involved with the various scams and industry's corrupt activities.

He served at Shook Hardy & Bacon for a short while in Europe working for Philip Morris Europe (mainly in Lausanne in Switzerland) but also trouble-shooting for the company in Australia. He then joined Philip Morris Management Company (PMMC) in New York -- along with his friend and fellow lawyer from Shook Hardy, Charles 'chuck' Wall. Parrish was a member of the Committee of Counsel which ran the Council for Tobacco Research which funded efforts to prove smoking was harmless, and he was the trial attorney in the famous Cippalone passive smoking case.

Steven C. Parrish

In the 2002 trial United States of America vs Philip Morris, Parrish was deposed and gave testimony. He had a really bad day and admitted all sorts of activities and intentions that he immediately regretted. His 'corrected' deposition is therefore a masterpiece in self-contradiction.

When Parrish returned the corrected documents, after he and the other Philip Morris lawyers had considered the implications of his statements, he'd completely reversed the bulk of his admissions. [His 'corrected' transcript reveals both the original answers, and also the reversed replies.] See

He is described in various notes as "small neat, smokes." He attended the Uni of Missouri Law School then joined Shook, Hardy & Bacon and became a partner in 5 years. His wife was Diane. Parrish later became a nonsmoker to the dismay of PM executives -- but he turned it to the industry's advantage, since it gave him credibility with some gullible members of the media and public. His most notable achievement for the tobacco industry as a SH* lawyer was his successful * representation of Philip Morris and Lorillard Tobacco in the Cipollone case.

Documents & Dates TimeLine

EEC = European Economic Community. (also) a Regional division of Philip Morris .
ETS = Environmental Tobacco Smoke. The smoke of 'passive smoking'. It has two toxic components: MS (mainstream hot-burned smoke) and SS (sidestream smoldering smoke).
CIAR = Center for Indoor Air Research, a fake industry research/grant organisation set up to counter ETS claims.
C&B = Covington & Burling, the main PM legal lobby firm
HBI = Healthy Buildings International. The leading fake air-testing company worldwide employed by the tobacco industry to provide cheap services to corporate building owners.
SH&B= Shook Hardy & Bacon, the Kansas City law firm which specialised in running underhand operations for tobacco.
Boca Raton Action Plan: A major complicated plan put together by Philip Morris to counter legislative threats. It involved many different actions.
Cippolone case: Rose Cippolone was so heavily addicted she kept smoking after lung surgery, then sued Philip Morris, Lorillard and Liggett & Myers. A key case in tobacco litigation.
Libertad: A fictitious human rights organisation run by inhouse lobbyist Andrew Whist with the help of (ex ILO) lawyer David A Morse.
College of Tobacco Knowledge A training program in how to counter anti-smoking activites run by the Tobacco Institute for executives and new recruits.
LS Inc. The computerized legal information storage and retrieval system designed in 1966 by tobacco industry attorneys. It was a distinct entity; needed to hide documents from 'discovery'.
The bulk of these documents are held as a special collection in the San Francisco Galen Library. Many millions of documents were released for public information as part of the "Master Settlement Agreement" They carry searchable 9 to 10 digit "Bates numbers" which are used for legal identification of pages in various court-cases.

1975 Steve Parrish was an attorney with the law firm of Shook Hardy and Bacon since 1975. By December, he was listed on the Shook Hardy & Bacon letterhead [2]

1980: Steve Parrish became a partner in Shook Hardy & Bacon, and first started representing Philip Morris. As he was becoming involved in smoking and health issues he needed to learn about their problems.(See below).

1980 Sep 15 TI College of Tobacco Knowledge - see Student Profile on Steven C. Parrish.[3]

1984 Mar 3 Steve Parrish is reviewing the payments of Tom Collamore to Richard T. Hines. Hines has been churning out articles attacking the EPA's characterisation of second-hand smoke (ETS) as a carcinogen. This is a Parrish handwriting sample He writes "I'm assuming, correctly I hope, that you have him in your spending plan? Many thanks for your assistance."

Hines is being managed by Tom Collamore, Tom Borelli and Craig Fuller at Philip Morris. [4]

1984 Oct 3 With SH&B in Kansas, Parrish is laundering a two-month $202,210 payment for the LS Inc (document research/archive) operation run by the Tobacco Institute with his SH&B associate Charles Wall and [[Alex Hotzman[[ the in-house science-corrupting lawyer of Philip Morris. [5] See also [6]

1987 Feb 18 (A later Deposition quote Re: a memo from Charles Wall.)
Parrish was with SH&B at that time but working exclusively on tobacco.

Q. Mr. Wall told you on page 4 that, according to Bob McDermott, the Jones Day firm had "uncovered some documents of Reynolds' that refer to an agreement among cigarette companies' scientists (and perhaps others) consisting of two points:

  1. that the companies would not conduct any in house animal research (sometimes this is described as no in-house smoking and health research) and
  2. that the companies agreed to share any " breakthroughs" in the smoking and health area."

Do you recall that?

A. Yes

Seconded to Philip Morris International offices in Laussane Switzerland

1988-90 Parrish was still working for Shook Hardy & Bacon but now it was from the offices of Philip Morris International in Lausanne, Switzerland.

1988 Jan Distributed list: BOCA RATON ACTION PLAN REPORTS. Parrish is in the EEC office but he is also working on Geoff Bible's Boca Raton Action Plan. Philip Morris has become disillusioned with the fight-back skills of the Tobacco Instititue and decided to mount its own global effort. This is to be a brain-storming session at a Boca Raton hotel-resort which is due to commence in Jan 31 1989. Geoff Bible has determined that there are to be 26 action points. He wants bi-weekly reports on all aspects. [7]

1988 Nov 29 to Dec 3 Geoffrey Bible of Philip Morris (who had just taken over as CEO of PM International) ran his own internal planning conference at Boca Raton, Florida -- where the Boca Raton Action Plan was formulated. It guided the industry's actions against the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other UN Agencies for many years, and provided the initial planning for projects to subvert science and politics around the world.

Those at the Boca Raton conference were:

  1. Disinformation staff of both the domestic USA and European Science & Technology groups [later grouped together as Worldwide Scientific Affairs, or WSA],
  2. Members of the Worldwide Regulatory Affairs (WRA) staff, [in-house lawyers and political lobbyists]
  3. Corporate Affairs people [based at the New York headquarters, but with members from all regions, (including Brussels and Neuchatel)].
  4. a few trusted outside lawyers and consultants who had services to offer.
[Note that, quite apart from the lawyers, PR people, and observers this outsider-list included:
Paul Dietrich and David Morse - legal partners worked with Andrew Whist of PMI Corporate Affairs in establishing and operating many front groups including AECA, NYSIA, Libertad, and IIHD. (The Catholic University in Washington was just a front.)
Wayne Reid who was Andrew Whist's long-term lobbyist paid to help them retain tobacco-sports sponsorship. He had been a clandestine recruit many years before as head of Australian Lawn Tennis.
Auberon Waugh who, with his close friend Bernard Levin, were paid by the tobacco industry to promote the anti-Nanny-State idea through the faux-Libertad and ARISE organisations, along with other media 'curmudgeon-contrarians'. This was partly a News Ltd. operation.

1988 Dec 13 Geoff Bible is circulating the finals list of the various topics discussed at the Corporate Affairs Conference in Boca Raton. He has set responsibilities and timings. Parrish (misspelled) is listed as having some legal responsibility only. See document

1989 Apr 2 - 6 Listing of Philip Morris lawyers at a conference in Naples, Florida. Steve Parrish is with Philip Morris Europe in Switzerland. This is a Long Document

1989 May 24 In 1989 it was anticipated that Steve would remain in Switzerland in the role of coordinating international product liability legislation for PM until the end of 1990. But e was not part of PM 00524 MEETING IN LONDON. However at some time before May 24, Chuck Wall and Steve Parrish had announced they would be joining PM. This was reported in the Parrish deposition AC5000943161 [[8]] The current "corrected copy" was deposited Jan 2005: [9]

1989 Jun 16 Ronniet Milliken is the inhouse legal cousel in PM Australia, He is in contact with Lee Pollak, who is EEC Legal Liason in New York, and with Steve Parrish, then in Switzerland. Barry O'Keefe (Australian lawyer) has provided them with advice on Heart Disease Warning Litigation.

1989 Jul Parrish is still in Lausanne. The Anti-smoking activist and Professor of Law at Northeastern University in Boston Mass richard A Daynard has made statement at the Asian-Pacific Conference on Cigarette Smoking & Health that the best way to handle the companies is to "Sue the bastards!".

Parrish has been lining up a response for Geoff Bible at Philip Morris. offering to debate Daynard over the Cipollone case, ETS, and product liability claims. (He had done this on Canadian TV in 1988) [10]

1989 Sep 27 Parrish was now a key member of the Tobacco Institute's 'core constituency' of disinformation executives and lawyers who receive carbon copies of confidential information about the TI's disinformation activities.

This key document is a briefing by James W Johnston, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Tobacco Institute, about their propaganda and science-corruption operations. [11]

[No one receiving a copy of this document could ever claim to be ignorant of the devious activities of the tobacco industry. See the cc list on last page.]

1989 Nov 13 Parrish is in Australia - [12] He is being asked to look into the potential use of a confused chain-smoker named John Reavell, an English migrant to Australia, who is taking action against the Australian Government for banning smoking. (And who thinks Reynolds and Philip Morris are the same company) This legal action gets them excited over the potential of running a human-rights campaign. It is also referred to Andrew Whist (who was the chief Australian disinformation executive for Philip Morris) See Letter

1990 /E This appears to be Parrish's notes of an ETS strategy meeting with JD (John Dollison), JN (Nelson) HGA (Helmut Gaisch) TSO (Tom Osdene) with a discussion on Matt Winokur [13]

1990 Feb 6 A series of half day Media Training Programs at the PMI Corporate Affairs Conference Room has many old hands -- so it is not the normal training session for new employees. It lists John Dollisson, Darienne Dennis, Tom Humber, Bobby Kaplan, Wendy Burrell, Stig Carlson, Mary Pottorff, Regina Godvin, Paul Maglione, and Cynthia von Maerestetten and they are under the tuition of John Rupp, Steve Parrish, and Chuck Lister (all lawyers) [14]

[Note: These are all key organizers of the WhiteCoats program in Europe. They must be expecting to have the PM staff deposed in some major courtroom battles, or called to give evidence at political hearings or inquiries.]

1990 MayQuote from puff piece:

[Steven Parrish] headed Corporate Scientific Affairs from May 1990 - ran groups in Neuchatel and Richmond, and had a scientific director and program manager in New York, specifically to coordinate and supervise ETS related activities. Meeting of SH&B lawyers in London. There was a need to rearrange company office since Steve Parrish and Chuck Wall have both announced that they would be joining Philip Morris. The original plan had been for Parrish to remain in Switzerland, and Wall in London. [15]

1990 June 6 Following a London UK meeting James T Newsom has written to the primary [[Shook Hardy & Bacon (SH&B) Tobacco Team in Kansas, covering many issues. THIS IS A LONG DOCUMENT WELL WORTH READING. HOWEVER NOTE THE PAGES ARE OCCSIONALLY OUT OF ORDER. (Order rearranged and grouped to simplify) [16]
Don Hoel, Bob Northrip, Steve Parrish and himself met in London to discuss a number of issues to do with tobacco.

  • Things had changed: Chuck Wall and Steve Parrish, were no longer with the SH&B tobacco team. Steve Parrish had been seconded b SH&B ito PM in Switzerland as "Coordinator of International product liability litigation for Philip Morris." Both Chuck and Steve have announced that they will be joining Philip Morris. They see a problem since most of the work of the London office is on tobacco for Philip Morris. Chuck Wall with Judy Hancock had been given the job of looking after International tobacco affairs. Now only Judy.
  • Don Hoel was returning to Kansas City in late June or early August and James Newsom was taking over. Don Hoel intended to take a six month sabbatical beginning Oct 1990 "During that six month period we will not have any lawyer in Kansas City who has had any experience handling international matters."
  • Anthony J Andrade would remain another year in London, but then they will need someone to take over.
  • Marty Warren (woman) is designated the "international associate" in Kansas City,
  • Donald Hoel's hourly rate for tobacco work is $225, and they are planning to push it up to $275 or $285

The Philip Morris Projects in Europe involve:

  • Witness development -- a euphemism for recruiting WhiteCoats (scientist who work for them in secret)
Steve would have a role at PM looking after ETS issues worldwide
Chuck would look after worldwide litigation for PM Tobacco, Millers Beer, and Kraft General Foods (all owned by PM)
Therefore Steve Parrish will now look after WhiteCoats recruitment in-house. The original intention was that Tony Andrade would devote 75% of his time to this recruitment in Europe, and that Don Hoel would devote only 25% if his time to this project. In fact Andrade had devoted time to Australia, and only 50% of his time to European WhiteCoats recruitment.
  • There is some overlap with the recruitment of non-medical witnesses with work done by Allen R Purvis and Gene Peck (both SH&B).
  • Tony(Andrade) estimated that they had ...

    evaluated perhaps 200 potential witnesses and have determined that approximately 90 of them are worth visiting and have visited approximately 40. Of these 30 are worth continuing to see. (The rest will be checked later.)
    The general success rate in finding witnesses willing to consult with the tobacco industry has been higher than witness development efforts in the US. We told Steve that we could continue to see witnesses at approximately the same level during the forthcoming year if Tony devoted approximately 75% of his time to witness development. Of course, we will not see as many new witnesses because we will be revising witnesses previously seen.

    They then told him that some witness contacts had come through US witnesses with whom we have worked such as Drs Domingo M Aviado, Edward M Skolnik and Professor Julius Gould, and a UK Consultant named Dr David Wescott (Imperial Tobacco/CORESTA) and other existing contacts. They are consulting with Peter W Brown and Michael Wilson of Rothmans and Ray Thornton and Sharon Boyse of BAT.
  • In the past, Covington & Burling have done ETS witness development in the US principally under the direction of the Tobacco Institute... "although they are lawyers, they are being used as corporate affairs consultants."
    In Europe, Scandinavia and the UK C&B's activities are mainly for Philip Morris at the direction of PMI Corporate Affairs department
  • They also discussed SH&B joint ETS witness development efforts in the US for Philip Morris, Lorillard, and Brown & Williamson (both ETS and 'Primaries Issues witnesses). Newsom and Don Hoel would meet with the Swiss TR/PM group of Helmut Gaisch, Helmut Reif and Iancou Marcovich to discuss research projects ; and a meeting will also be set up with Alex Holtzman
  • The Copenhagen Conference was being set up by Dr Tage Voss and Helmut Gaisch to counter Richard Peto's statements at the Perth, Australia World Conference on Tobacco and Health. Tobacco would be supported by Drs Tage Voss, Peter Atteslander, Bertoldt Schneider, Petr Skrabanek and Hans J Eysenck. Theodor D Sterling would also be invited together with some members of the Nordic smokers rights organisations (ie Hen-Ry) They were coordinating this with John Dollisson (Philip Morris corporate affairs) and the conference would send a letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • They also discussed the problem of Pesticides; the Aho case in Finland (being handled by Edwin Jacob of Jacob Meninger& Finnegan (uncooperative); Ingredients; the promotion of Moderation of smoking; Mild/Light cigarettes; and lawyer's meetings in UK, Netherlands, Switzerland
  • Australian AFCO v Tobacco Institute of Australia case (They may also have another case in Perth) (Don Hoel charged at $390 per hour which they thought too low.) This was on-going and a potential source of trouble. "

    Despite the difficulties in Australia, we feel that Gary L Huber continues to be useful. He will take his statements in Australia, refine them slight and they will be published by the Uni of Texas press.

  • With INFOTAB- they attended Board and Global Issues Working Party (GIWP) meetings [17]
    BAT has now withdrawn from INFOTAB, but they don't know whether B&W would also.
  • Guinness: Don Hoel has opened discussions with Guinness to do some alcohol-related witness development work in Europe, New Zealand and Australia ... "a natural fit with tobacco work".
  • Four other projects: They had feelers out for work in Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Hong Kong. Latin America (Francisco Moreno -4 projects)
  • Theodor Sterling was possibly going to New Zealand as a witness.
* Elia Sterling (TDS Ltd Canada), Iancou Marcovitch {PM Switzerland) and Claude Bieva (toxicologist, Free Uni of Brussels & lobbyist) are discussing a conference on air quality, sponsored by an European equivalent of ASHRAE in Brussels in 1991. They will also discuss a Madrid conference with Elia Sterling et al. Sterling (TDS Ltd) also doing work in Brazil with local consultants, and possibly Venezuela and/or Guetamala.

Steve Parrish's possible changes.


1990 Jun 12 Parrish is back in Lausanne. He is still on secondment to the PM EEC Region and corresponding with Nick Cannar at BAt in London This is a cover-sheet only: the document itself is Restricted: [19] [20]

PM International: Vice President, Corporate Scientific Affairs, in New York

1990 June Before this time, Mr. Parrish worked on secondment from SJ&B with Philip Morris International in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in June 1990, he was appointed Vice President, Corporate Scientific Affairs, Philip Morris Management Corp. He became an employee of Philip Morris Management Corp (PMMC) with the title Vice President Corporate Scientific Affairs Note: [Previously he had been listed as an "Outside counsel'" who was "seconded to a Philip Morris position in Europe"]

He said in his later deposition that

My initial position with the company was as Vice President of Corporate Scientific Affairs, Philip Morris Management Corporation. Phillip Morris asked me ... I was asked to try to bring some coordination and strategic coherence to the company's various efforts regarding environmental tobacco smoke, particularly as it related to the then-pending EPA risk assessment on ETS. The Science & Technology department at FTR/Neuchatel reported to [me], The reason was that S&T was and would be focusing, at least in part, on environmental tobacco smoke type issues. My corporate scientific affairs group was supposed to be focused on environmental tobacco smoke issues.

[Note: at that time Parrish was reporting directly to Bill Murray]

1990 Jul He arrived at the New York offices of PMI after a brief sabbatical due from the Cipollone case. Bates: 2041865264 [See also Bates: 2023239673 Which says that he is to "have responsibility for international smoking and health litigation."

1990 Oct He was also named Vice President and General Counsel for Philip Morris U.S.A. in October 1990.

1990-91 Steve Parrish has taken over the Corporate Scientific Affairs Department of PMMC with its division of Science & Technology (now with Tom Osdene, Helmut Gaisch, Robert Pages, Mary Pottorff) and Scientific Issues (Tom Borelli). They are also running the WhiteCoats and other programs. This is the corporate structure diagram, and C&B accounts, payments, etc. files showing his operations. He also controls Mannett, Burson-Marsteller and other contracts. They are working on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) draft Risk Assessment and draft Workplace Policy Guide on environmental tobacco smoke.

1990 Sep Phillip Morris is reorganising its corporate structure again. He is now listed as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs for Philip Morris Companies. With WRA he was responsible for key regulatory issues concerning a number of our products, including tobacco, around the world. He also became General Counsel Philip Morris USA Inc. He now reported to Murray Bring, who was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Philip Morris Companies. However Parrish is still listed as being on PMI staff, based in New York His previous role in Scientific Affairs was devolved to two scientists, one at PM USA and the other with PM International. He now devoted his time to EPA risk assessment, OSHA rule-making and litigation issues.

1990 Nov staff meeting included Mayada Logue, Rom Osdene, Robet Pages and Peters Bates:2058272915

1990 Nov 5 Philip Morris's Tom Osdene maintained a diary which provides plenty of uncensored information about his activities as one of the tobacco industry's main disinformation executives. This diary carried an early mention that Steve Parrish and Osdene discussed restructuring the S&T division. His handwritten notes say:

[Charlie] Green (Chief scientist at RJR) returned my call -- talked about

  1. Fred Newman leaving.
  2. Tom Griscom - (Chief scientist of RJR) and his frequent contacts with Steve Parrish
  3. Chris Proctor
  4. Wally Hayes - was in Capri last week giving a risk assessment presentation
  5. Re CIAR - need of credibility role of Max (the industry's tame Director)
  6. Promised Charlie copy of Rylander (A paper by a tame Scandinavian scientist)
  7. Too many proposals on ozone.

1991 /E Steve Parrish was now General Counsel and Senior VP for External Affairs for Philip Morris USA Inc. The Corporate Affairs department at PM USA now reported to him, and he is specifically put in charge of ETS issues for the conglomerate as a whole. Chuck Wall was put in charge of other consultant programs.

1991 weekly notes 124 pages Bates: 2025339695

1991 Jan Steve Parrish, on the PMI list of directors Bates: 2071489751

1991 Jan 4 Industry strategies to defeat the ETS risk assessment.


  1. To block the release of, or, short of that, to modify the EPA risk assessment and workplace policy guide to reflect more accurately the scientific consensus on ETS,
  2. . To build a record of the flaws and controversies surrounding the risk assessment and policy guide and the SAB review of those documents for use in legislative and regulatory battles on ETS .
  • [Much more on Strategies]
  • See also the Accompanying notice to TI [Amy Millman and Steve Parrish were PM representatives in this group]

    1991 Feb 6 He is on the list of Philip Morris disinformation managers for an "Issues Alert" on the Australian AFCO [Federation of Consumer Organisations] case. [They were being sued for misleading advertising claims.]

    1991 Oct 15Disgraced government scientist Gio Gori and lawyer Chris Proctor (then with Covington & Burling - but an ex-BAT research executive) had a meeting with Tom Borelli and Robert Pages of Philip Morris. They were proposing to fund a confounder study (on order to find promotable 'doubt' about epidemiological research) which would cost between $0.7 and $1.3 million.

    1991 Nov 22 The American Broadcasting Company's (ABC) 20/20 program. Stossel interviews Steve Parrish who says he is a non-smoker.

    1991 Dec 3 Robert A Pages writes to Steve Parrish and Tom Borelli about the Gori Confounders Proposal. Clausen Ely a lawyer at Covington & Burling has copied them in on the Gio B Gori proposal for a $1.3 million study into possible 'confounders' in anti-smoking epidemiological studies. They are hoping to find points to attack.

    In comparison with what was discussed with Borelli and me at our meeting with Gori/Proctor on Oct 15th, the only new things here are: l) the cost estimate ranges,- and 2) the acknowledgement of the active participation by Peter N Lee. Neither of these is surprising, although $1.3m makes you pay attention.

    The bottom line still is: the study, if done right, is worth doing.

    The " if done right" according to this proposal depends upon our confidence in the team of Gori/Lee/Proctor and Gori's connection with 'EQUIFAX' -- the company that would actually conduct the survey. I have no reason to doubt their ability to oversee the work.

    I'm not totally comfortable with signing up for a study which could cost "as little" as $700K or as much as $I.3m -- to be determined along the way -- but 1 can't think of a good alternative.

    One thing that might make me a little happier is if they already had their questionnaire in hand, but the point Borelli raised on Oct I5th also remains to be addressed: Is there a way that this study could be done to yield a more 'credible' publication?

    Presumably, we're looking at Gori and Lee (?}. Farming out the cotinine analyses to Neal Benowitz is a nice touch, but it won't make him a coauthor.

    O.K. Where does all this leave us? WE SHOULD GET ON WITH IT!
    It'll probably take months to get all the interested companies 'on board' anyway. Let's do it while we still have the money and before we think of more stupid things to spend it on. [21]

    [Note: Peter N Lee was a well-known and well-used British statistician who could produce any result the companies desired. Gio B Gori was a corrupt scientist who had previously been dismissed by the National Cancer Institute after running an early tobacco study with funding from the industry. (known as the Tobacco Working Group.)]
    It is difficult to find a more damning expose of the way in which the tobacco industry conducted supposedly scientific research -- or more openly condemnatory of the so-called scientists Gori/Proctor/Lee who were being given the funds to conduct this purely propaganda exercise. Gori and Lee were over-used by this time, and their links to the tobacco industry were becoming obvious.]

    1992-93 Parrish is now Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel for Philip Morris His Corporate Scientific Affairs had budget of $18-19 million pa in 1992. The staff were Logue, Borelli, Osdene, Page, Gaisch, Hines. He also ran the Scandinavian scientist Rylander, TC Tso (Asian scientist), CIAR, MBS, Barrera & Assoc, Black Manafort, BM) Tom Humber, ]]Jim Tozzi]],

    1992 Feb[Source unknown] Reflecting the fact that lawyers controlled all research in the tobacco industry and had a vested interest in recruiting scientists as witnesses in courts and legislative hearings, the control of Philip Morris's European science activities was transfered from PM International to PM USA at about this time (or earlier).

    In January 1992 the scientific issues and lobbying aspects of the domestic company (Philip Morris USA) and Europe research organisation (often known as S&T FTR) were put under the control of lawyer Steve Parrish , who then established four Divisions.

    1. Dr Robert A Pages , effectively Osdene's deputy, was Director of Science & Technology at Richmond, but more involved in many of the scientific intrigues and the scientific activities of the Tobacco Institute, etc.
    2. Dr Thomas J Borelli , with his assistant Mary O Pottorff ran Scientific Affairs (totally international intrigue operations) out of the New York headquarters. Pottorff had been transfered from PMI Corporate Affairs.
    3. Helmut Gaisch , Director of Science & Technology at Neuchatel (with a key operational staff of six science/lobbyists) looked after Europe and the common market countries.

    [Note: Philip Morris International still retained its own operations covering the rest of the world] See organisational chart

    1992 Feb 12 Dr Robert Pages continues to promote the Gori/Lee/Proctor proposal to Denise Keane at Philip Morris. He has been unsuccessful in getting the other tobacco companies to share the cost.

    The problem is I don't think that's what we should do. I think we should try and come up with the money (ourselves) and let the proposal go forward. Why? Is it such a great idea? No, it's not THAT wonderful, but, if successful, it would provide some hard data to bolster our arguments that other risk factors for lung cancer have confounded all of the ETS-lung cancer epi[demiological] studies published so far" To the extent that we can pursue scientific work to illustrate the weaknesses in the epidemiology, we should do so. There's got to be benefits down the road in doing this, EPA notwithstanding.

    [Note: Pages is clearly getting desperate for any skerrick of evidence, even that of faux-science, that they could possibly exploit to advantage.]

    1992 Sep /E (fall): General Counsel, Steven Parrish given the additional position of Senior Vice President of External Affairs.

    1992 Sep 3 Visnews/PMI issues a 7th Draft of the Philip Morris position on Smoking and Health.

    • Smoking as a Risk Factor continues to be promoted
    • Statistical associations do not prove causation
    • Company position is that people have the right to chose.
    • ETS has never been proven to cause health problems
    • ETS is not the same as mainlined smoke.
    • The amount of smoke a passive smoker experiences is trivial.
    • Smoking ban on Beverly Hills restaurants resulted in a 30% drop in business
    • Workplace smoking bans are discriminatory - an attack on individual freedoms.

    1992 Dec 21 This is the first document in the San Francisco Uni archive showing Steven Parrish as General Counsel and Senior Vice President, External Affairs of Philip Morris USA. [Note] His first concern was a product recall of the 'Party Lighter' and 'Night Lighter' (promotional cigarette lighters) which had flashing LEDs and were claimed to be "attractive to children".

    1993 Feb 24-25 Philip Morris has set up the ETS World Conference in New York. The program has listed many speakers from the pseudo-science side of the industry.

    The Conference Host was Steve Parrish, General Counsel, PM USA Vice President, External Affairs Philip Morris U.S.A. [He has] Overall responsibiiity for PM USA legal, PM USA External Affairs and Corporate Scientiflc Affairs (ETS specific Issue group.]

    This long document has a very good section on "Rebutting Tobacco Industry arguments."The conference hosts were:

    PM USA Personnel

    • Robert Pages, Dir, S&T, Philip Morris USA in Richmond
    • Loreen McAlpin, Technical Analyst, PM USA in Richmond (maintains database)

    European Personnel

    • Helmut Reif, Dir, S&T, Philip Morris Europe, FTR R&D, Neuchatel
    • Ruth Dempsey, Staff Scientist, PM Europe, Neuchatel

    Attendees were:

    Bill Apple (PM USA), Jim Boland (PM Washington Relations Office), John Boltz (PM USA), Tom Borelli (PM Corp), Wendy Burrell (PMI), David Bushong (PM Corp Services, Brussels), Richard Carchman (PM USA), Stig Carlson (PM EEMA Lausanne) Karen Chalkin (PM USA) David Davies (PMMC New York) Darienne Dennis (PMI), Phil Francis, (PM Aust), Colin Goddard, (PM Asia HK), Aurora Marina Gonzales, (PM Lat America NY), Jan Goodheart (PM KK Tokyo), Vic Han (PM USA), Henrick Hansen (PMMC Brussels), Judy Hargrave (PM Aust), Robert Kaplan (PMI), Denis Keane (PMMC NY), Ted Lattanzio (PM USA) Loreen McAlpine (PM USA Richmond), Ellen Merlo (PM USA) Dave Merrill (PM USA Richmond), Eva Montgomery (PM EEMA Lausanne) Lance Pressl (PM USA) Cesar Rodiguez (PM LA NY) James Spector (PM USA) William Taylor (PM USA) Tina Walls, (PM USA) Gerard Wirz (PM CS Brussels)

    Speakers were

    • Vincent Covello and Susan Santos (School of Public Health, Columbia Uni)
    • Charles Lister (London) and Melinda Sidak (Washington) from C&B
    • Pat Tyson, and Neil Wasser Constangy Brooks & Smith in Atlanta
    • Gray Robertson from HBI
    • Shook Hardy & Bacon

    Listed as attendees from SH&B around the world were

    • Tony Andrade (PM Europe -- SH&B in Lausanne)
    • Bill Colby, and Dennis Neutze SH&B in Kansas City
    • Greg Fowler, PM Australia (classed as SH&B)
  • Dave Richardson, The Wirthlin Group, NY
  • Pat Tyson and Neil Wasser from Constangy Brooks & Smith (Atlanta)
  • APCO - Margery Kraus and Tom Hockaday (Washington) See Document

  • 1993 Apr Parrish described himself as senior counsel for PM, and vice president of external affairs for PM USA. Note that in 1993 he was VP PM USA (not international)

    1993 Jul 13 Steve Parrish appoints Ted Lattanzio as Director Worldwide Tobacco Regulatory Issues in PM USA Reporting to Lattanzio were (Appointments effective July 15)

    • Director for Europe (to be announced),
    • Mary Pottorff, Manager (to be announced),
    • Mayada Logue .
    • Matt Winokur into the Director position above (announcement 8/3/93) .
    • Jan Goodheart into the Manager position above (announcement 7/22/93).

    [Internal PM notes on changes to staff in Corporate Affairs of PMI, mainly in Worldwide Regulatory Affairs.]

    1994-95 Senior Vice President of Executive Affairs, Secretary, General Counsel and served on the Board of Directors from 1994 to 1995. It was also said that Steve Parrish is head of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel of Philip Morris USA, and that in this year he was also Vice President for Corporate Scientific Affairs of Philip Morris Management Corp.

    1994 Mar 17 Steve Parrish announces that Tony Andrade will become Director, Worldwide Regulatory Affairs (PM USA), assuming responsibility for directing all activities of the WRA .

    Reporting to Tony are: Ted Lattanzio, Matt Winokur, Jan Goodheart, Mary Pottorff, Mayada Logue. [Tony did not actually join PM until December of 1994, and left effective June 30,1995]

    [Internal PM notes on changes to staff in Corporate Affairs of PMI, mainly in Worldwide Regulatory Affairs.]

    1994 Mar 26 Kathleen Linehan is writing to top executives of Philip Morris, advising them of President Clinton's crop-conversion plan (using FET increases to fund tobacco farmers to grow other crops).

    She has a copy of a draft letter which is to be sent to President Clinton by Frank Hurt of the tobacco union.

    1994 Apr 7 Geoff Bible announces that Steve Parrish will coordinate PM Companies legal, scientific corporate affairs, government affairs and communications activities on various tobacco issues. Those reporting to Steve Parrish on this "assignment" are : Tony Andrade, Vic Han, Clare Purcell, Marc Firestone.[Vic Han moved to PMMC from PM USA]

    1994 Nov Parrish was Senior VP, External and Regulatory Affairs, Worldwide Tobacco still with PM Oct 1999 Bates: 2044437820

    1994 Dec Parrish is now Senior VP for External Affairs of Philip Morris Managment Corporation (under Bible), He now appears to have assumed control of Whist's Corporate Affairs, Borelli's Science and Technology group, and Linehan's Government Affairs.

    1994 Dec 16 [Date is Deceptive also "DRAFT March 26 1996] Philip Morris Announces Senior Management Changes Philip Morris Companies Inc . (NYSE: MO) today announced a series of senior management changes following Wednesday's election by the company's board of directors . The changes are effective immediately

    • Geoffrey C Bible become chairman-elect and chief executive officer
    • William Murray , the current chairman of the board will retire on February 1, 1995.
    • ppWilliam I Campbell]] becomes chairman, Philip Morris USA. and reports to Bible. He was previously president and CEO of Philip Morris USA but will retire next year,
    • James J. Morgan has been appointed president and chief executive officer, Philip Morris USA. He was Senior VP of Marketing
    • Murray H. Bring has been appointed executive vice president, external affairs, and general counsel, Philip Morris Companies Inc. Formerly senior vice president and general counsel, Mr. Bring will be responsible for the legal, corporate affairs and worldwide regulatory affairs functions of the company. Mr. Bring reports to Mr. Bible.
    • Charles Wall has been appointed senior vice president, litigation, Philip Morris Companies Inc. He continues to report to Mr. Bring.
    • Craig L. Fuller, senior vice president, corporate affairs, Philip Morris Companies Inc. will also report to Mr. Bring.
    • Steven Parrish , senior vice president, worldwide regulatory affairs, and general counsel, Philip Morris USA., will also report to Mr. Bring. Mr. Parrish continues as senior vice president for external affairs and general counsel, Philip Morris USA.

    {Note: Parrish is now a member of the Senior Management Group and also the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs.] See Document

    1995 Jan 11 Steve Parrish, General Counsel & SVP External Affairs (PM USA)

    1995 Apr British American Tobacco report:

    Bible has replaced Craig Fuller (former Chief of Staff to Vice President Bush) as Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs with Steve Parrish, former General Counsel for Philip Morris, USA. Along with Murray Bring, General Counsel of Philip Morris Companies, the "lawyers are now in charge of public: affairs at Philip Morris," and they report directly to the Chairman.

    1995 Apr 10 /E Steve Parrish informed by Philip Morris that he would be getting a new job - as Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs with Philip Morris Companies.

    1995 Apr 7-29 Steve Parrish's Sea Island, Georgia speech for the Philip Morris Board retreat. He says:

    "Finally, we come to the alleged consequences of smoking. I said earlier that the antis have come to the conclusion that they can't achieve an outright ban on cigarettes. As a result, their strategy has now shifted, in part, to a kind of logic that says, 'If you can't kill the product, kill the company that makes it.'

    Add to this the financial incentives of plaintiff attorneys who hope to obtain large portions of huge payments in product liability or class action lawsuits, and the stage is set for continued litigation against the company.

    Our objective here is to fight relentlessly to assure that smokers remain personally responsible for any potential consequences of smoking, and that this is understood to be the case.

    This material was circulated in later documents. He is trying to convince the Board to be more aggressive and 'Proactive' See long document

    Power point slides

    1995 May 1 Marc Firestone is appointed to the position that Steve Parrish previously held ... Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs.[Internal PM notes on changes to staff in Corporate Affairs of PMI, mainly in Worldwide Regulatory Affairs.]

    1995 May 4 This is a document written by Tom Borelli (top science disinformation executive) with Philip Morris to Steve Parrish who has just taken over as head of Corporate Affairs, which describes how they must operate their relationships with think-tanks and policy institutes. It is called Policy Outreach Group. It also lists the USA, global (and Australian) think-tanks.

    Tom Borelli's Proposed Plan for Policy Outreach Groups , sent to Steve Parrish. He is proposing an internal group (like Worldwide Regulatory Affairs) but dedicated to proactive network building, with individuals each in charge of certain issues and certain policy groups. This was later called the 'CA' and it ran in parallel with the WRA and the WSA divisions.

    The concept of the group was originally intended to reflect your direct involvement: direct reporting by the group to you is even more important in your new role as Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

    The role of the group is to establish relationships with credible independent outside groups with the ability to relay ideas and establish an echo chamber for PM messages ....[also] ... approval for grants and contributions will come from you Recommendations: Marry functions of Corporate Affairs with Issues Group into an Internal Think Tank Group [This is a combination of old Corporate Affairs and WRO Tobacco Issues group]
    Borelli then lists about a hundred neo-con think tanks including the:

    • Domestic Policy Groups Acton Institute, Alexis de Tocqueville, ATR, Atlantic Legal Foundation, CSE, CATO, Heartland, Heritage, Hoover, Hudson, Independent Institute, etc.
    • "International Policy Groups"
      • The Academy for Economic Studies (Bucharest)
      • Adam Smith institute (London)
      • Carl Meyer Institute (Vienna)
      • Centre for Independent Studies (Australia)
      • Institute Cultural Ludwig vs. Moses (Mexico City)
      • Institute of Economic Affairs (London)
      • National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge)
      [The Adam Smith UK, and CIS Australia (front groups/think tanks) are ticked]
    • "International Policy Institutes."
      • Australia
        • Centre for Independent Studies
      • Canada
        • Fraser Institute
        • John Locke Institute of Canada
        • St. Lawrence Institute
      • New Zealand
        • Center for Independent Studies of New Zealand
      • United Kingdom
        • Adam Smith Institute
        • Atlas Economic Research Foundation
        • CRCE [unknown]
        • David Hume Institute
        • IEA Health & Welfare Unit.
        • Institute of Economic Affairs
        • Social Affairs Unit NOTE [A well-known tobacco front]
        • The Education Unit -- Warlingham Park School [unknown ??]

    1996 Mar 16 A Time news story has listed him as Senior Vice president for Corporate Affairs at Philip Morris.

    1996 The Sea Island Retreat was an annual executive event. See Bible memo See memo

    1996 Sep 10 Changes at Philip Morris, announced by Murray H. Bring, Executive Vice President, External Affairs and General Counsel, Philip Morris Companies Inc., and Mr. Steven Parrish, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

    June 20 1997: Release of the details of the Master Settlement Agreement.

    1997 Oct Parrish circulated to Philip Morris employees a statement on the company's position re smoking and health (Lung cancer) as presented to Senator Hatch.

    1997 Dec 10 PMMC's Project Management Methodology (PMM) team meeting, with Ellis Woodward, Jim Lindheim and John Butler, Bonnie Cundiff, They are promoting a new Project Management Methodology. It has been devised with the help of SRI and Towers Perrin. The steering committee at PM are:

    • Steve Parrish
    • Tom Collamore
    • George Knox
    • Howard Leibengood
    • David Nicoli
    • Jim Lindheim
    • Ellis Woodward
    • Vic Han
    • Jim Pontarelli
    • Liz Alicea
    • Jim Spector
    • John Butler.

    The plan has been presented at the WCAC in November.

    1999 Testimony in the case of United States of America vs. Philip Morris (and other tobacco companies.)

    1999 Oct 12 Philip Morris launched its web-site which admitted that smoking caused lung-cancer, and that cigarettes were addictive. See draft statements

    1999 Oct 13 Philip Morris launched a major ad campaign and website admitting cigarettes were dangerous. This name was still on the staff distribution list.

    1999 Oct 13 Philip Morris USA created a web site (still under Geoff Bible) with the admission.

    "Cigarette Smoking: Health Issues for Smokers."

    There is an overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other serious diseases in smokers. Smokers are far more likely to develop serious diseases, like lung cancer, than non-smokers. There is no `safe' cigarette. These are and have been the messages of public health authorities worldwide. Smokers and potential smokers should rely on these messages in making all smoking-related decisions."

    [Also] I agree that the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus referenced in the October 1999 Philip Morris USA website had existed for decades, [from when he joined SHB in 1980]

    1999 Nov 5 Philip Morris Incorporate. list of senior staff has

    • William Campbell is President and CEO
    • Steven Parrish as General Counsel, Secy and Senior Vice President of External Affairs
    • Ellen Merlo is Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs
    • Lawrence Wexler is Sr VP Finance, Planning & Info Sytems
    • AndrewWhist is not listed


    2002 Jun 26 Part 2 of deposition of Steven Parrish (US vs Tobacco Industry)

    2005 Jan Steve Parrish's deposition in the case of US v PM has been 'corrected' and refiled. See document

    [This timeline-index to many of the most important tobacco documents relating to Steve Parrish's activities are the product of the ScienceCorruption journalists group. Note that some of the documents once available, now seem to have been removed (probably by law)]