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"Stroud Community Agriculture Ltd is a community-led enterprise, which is developing a local farming business to produce fresh organic/biodynamic produce for its members. Members pay an annual membership and a further payment in order to receive produce including vegetables, pork and beef, and diversifying into other produce. The farm is certified organic and is influenced by biodynamic methods." [1]   "The increased land area meant that more members were needed to ensure the project remained viable and a new membership drive was launched. To support this, SCA received a one year grant from the National Lottery Seed Programme 'Growing Home'. This paid for someone to actively promote membership to a wider circle, produce a leaflet and to help fund much needed capital equipment. This proved very successful and before the year's end membership had risen to 100 and we had to start a waiting list that soon rose to 30 families." [2]

In Meeting minutes from March 2010 Molly Scott Cato, the chair, stood "down but will remain actively involved in SCA projects." [1]



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