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Stuart Etherington "is the Chief Executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the principal umbrella for civil society organisations in England. As such, he has taken a key role in representing the interests of civil society domestically within his own country. He is a trustee of ?harities Aid Foundation? sits on the Board of Business in the Community, an organization devoted to increasing corporate social responsibility and is a trustee of GuideStar UK that focuses on increasing the accountability and transparency of civil society organisations.

Stuart is engaged internationally. For three years he chaired CIVICUS in Europe, a regional organisation driving CIVICUS' work in a European context. He has been a board member of CIVICUS for the past three years and has chaired its Governance Committee. He is also a visiting professor at City University and South Bank University in London, which both focus on the analysis and development of civil society." [1]

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