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Sue Walden, "a Houston public-relations professional" and political fundraiser [1], is the contact person and the custodian of records for Americans for Honesty on Issues, a 527 committee which is attacking Democrat candidates in U.S. congressional elections in 2006. [2]

Walden is a "close friend" of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay [3]. She was also a friend [4] of the late Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling of Enron fame, for which she worked as a lobbyist. Walden coordinated Lay's political fund-raising activities and helped raise $43,000 for George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign. [5]

Mayoral Couple

The September 20, 2001, issue of the HoustonPress featured Dave and Sue Walden as "Best Lobbyists":

"Between them they represent just about anything that could be considered establishment in Houston. Sue raised money for mayor Bob Lanier, handles incumbent Lee Brown's finances, and lobbies for energy giant Enron. Dave, a former chief of staff for County Judge Jon Lindsay and mayor Lanier, helped martial the stadium and arena forces in recent victorious referenda, and represents the Houston Astros and the new Houston Texans professional football team."

In 1996, it was reported that Dave Walden, after serving a "short stint with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison", had returned to work as an aid to Houston Mayor Bob Lanier. At that time, Sue Walden headed "the Harris County Citizens for Proposition One office and [was] raising the money [for Lanier's] campaign, [and] was chief fundraiser for Lanier's 1991 victory [working] closely with the mayor since."

In June 2003, Dave and Sue Walden, described as "City Hall lobbyists", were campaign advisers to Houston mayoral candidate Orlando Sanchez. [6]

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