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Sustainable Democracy Center (SDC) "is a non-partisan, independent organization established in September 2002 in Beirut, Lebanon, to promote and assist in human development, through raising awareness about democracy, citizenship, and human rights. The purpose of the center is to educate and empower Lebanese citizens regardless of confessional or geographic affiliation towards a stronger and more democratic, participatory Lebanese society. SDC is working towards achieving this goal primarily through training, publications and research." [1]

Listed as a partner organization of the International Center for Transitional Justice.


The following is a list of our permanent volunteers:


Received grants from NED in:

  • 2003: "To implement twenty training and outreach sessions on democracy and rule of law for Lebanese university-age students. The sessions will be supplemented with a bimonthly newsletter and interactive website designed to foster a network of young democratic activists."
  • 2005: "To promote respect for a diversity of opinions and pluralism among youth in Lebanon. SDC will develop and lead 20 dialogue sessions in all five districts of Lebanon, reaching a wide cross-confessional audience in a number of towns removed from the democracy debate that has engaged Beirut and many of the larger cities." [3]

In-kind support:

  • ASHOKA: Innovators for the Public, UK and Washington, DC offices -
  • Zafer Achi

Direct Support during July War 2006 from around the world: (USD 4077.69)

List of donors