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TDC, Tobacco Documentation Centre (Succeed INFOTAB Dec. 31, 1991): TDC served as a clearinghouse for industry information held in electronic databases (information on public health groups and advocates, etc.). Assisted in co-ordinating global industry responses to tobacco control activities. Provided centrally-cleared briefing materials (pro-smoking argumentation, etc. ) to help companies fight public health events (World No Tobacco Day, EPA reports)


After INFOTAB was liquidated on Dec. 31 1991, the TDC was founded with British American Tobacco involvement (0502552570, Page 230). Main office was located in Geneva, Switzerland, with a UK office in Middlesex. Proposed 1992 budget was 1,050,000 English pounds [304020918/0934]. Director was Ron Tully, who had also worked for INFOTAB. TDC had 8 full time staff members.

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