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This is an important theory to consider, but eventually, we need to include the more mainstream critiques of "AIDS" propaganda by groups such as the Scientific Committee for the Reappraisal of AIDS, Peter Deusberg and others.

These groups tend to claim not that AIDS is a fabricated retro-virus, but rather that the HIV retrovirus(es) are not the cause of the syndrome. The critique alleges the USDOH and drug manufacturers hastily attributed a rise in immunodeficiency deaths to a newly discovered retrovirus within months of the employment of new technology that allowed identification of retroviruses. The deaths attributed to AIDS, these critics say, resulted exclusively from AIDS drugs or from the underlying diseases grouped as AIDS. Suspect causes include the use of nitrate "poppers", widespread use of cocaine and antibiotics among groups of extremely promiscuous males, lymphocytotoxic antibodies released in response to large amounts of foreign human proteins obtained during extremely permiscuous episodes involving multiple partners and the effects of new clotting agents based on human proteins and released to hemopheliacs about the time the "AIDS Crisis" started.

The more plausible critique of AIDS suggests the USDHHS erred when it stated in a press conference it had discovered the "cause" of AIDS was HIV before the findings were analyzed in peer reviewed publications. Deusbert alleges the government is attempting to practice science by press conference.

I've had this article in mind - I've written it for other paper sources (who then altered the content to editorially tamper with my reporting), - but I was not sure how it would fly as a "case study." When I get enough time and good info, that's where I hope to put it, unless somebody else starts it first.