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This page is a general to-do list and a way of keeping track of ongoing projects by the CoalSwarm team. Others are welcome to jump in as well -- contact for help on getting started.

Routine Updating

The following pages need to be updated with more recent data. Please initial and date if you've updated a page, e.g. TN 8/11

Major Projects

Victories (International)

  • Need a page listing successful coal plant and coal mine fights outside the U.S. Examples:
    • Defeat of Golden Triangle Hydro Electric Power Pte Ltd 12 MW coal-fired power plant in Burma in April 2001 (see Poison Clouds, page 46

Thailand and Burma

India and coal

More plants need pages. See table on Proposed coal plants in India. Many of these are KSK plants -- info from

There are a number of Wikipedia pages that can be adapted into CoalSwarm and then enhanced. Remember to add the {{Wikipedia}} marker at the bottom of the first posting of the page onto CoalSwarm to show the attribution of the page:

Phulbari coal mine

Description: The Phulbari mine has been the site of a major controversy over the past five years, including demonstrations involving 50,000 people, killing of three demonstrators and wounding of hundreds of others, disclosures by WikiLeaks of U.S. involvement in restarting the project, and involvement by the U.S. hedge fund owner Christian Leone. The Talk:Bangladesh and coal page has numerous links about the Phulbari Coal Project. In addition, there are numerous links on the website of the International Accountability Project.

Adding videos to coal activist video and state pages

  • This project involves opening up the coal activist video pages found on Coal Activist Videos, deleting any inoperative videos, increasing the size to 300, adding new videos, and cross-posting as appropriate onto other pages such as state, company, and mine pages. The goal is to increase multimedia content generally across a range of CoalSwarm pages. Please list pages completed:
  • Nace -
  • Shearer - I did this a few months back and tried to add the applicable videos to all the relevant pages: state, company, plant, etc. I don't remember exactly which ones, but at the time I went through all the videos and drew on the ones I thought were best.
  • Frank - continuing to this for pages I manage... Also working on formatting them so they are consistent and fit the page well.
  • Burton -

Northwest coal exports

Description: This project involves making sure that we have pages on all the existing and proposed rail lines, port facilities, companies, regulatory authorities, etc. that will be involved in the push to expand exports of coal from the Powder River Basin. An important paper to look at is "Exporting Powder River Basin Coal: Risks and Costs by the Western Organization of Resource Councils. Include Norfolk Southern and Peabody Energy, if relevant.

High traffic pages

The following pages get a lot of visitors, so they should be kept up-to-date, with plenty of links to other pages:

Tips and Techniques

  • Embedding video:




Using this:

{{#ev:youtube|-dnL00TdmLY|210|left|Wikis in Plain English}}

Results in this:

Wikis in Plain English

Articles that need work

Complete; just need normal updating

  • Environmental justice and coal – 1,140 page views (9/09), 2,206 page views (5/10). This page is good and we should continue to build it as items appear.
  • Journalists covering coal - This is a very popular page that needs constant expanding. Anyone who just has a small amount of time can always google for coal articles and then post the journalists here. The hardest part is usually finding an email address for a journalist. (Remember to hide the address from Internet bots by replace the "@" with the word "AT".
  • Public polling on coal and alternatives – 780 page views (5/09), 1,608 page views (5/10)– This page has a lot of information but for some reason doesn’t get much traffic.
  • Obama administration actions on coal – 743 page views (9/09), 2,012 page views (5/10)

High-traffic general pages

Pages with more than 10,000 page views

These pages should receive the most frequent attention aimed at increasing usefulness, completeness, and links to other pages.

Pages with 5,000 - 10,000 page views

High-traffic country, state, company, plant, mine, and organization pages