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Need full reference details (Author, article title, weblink if possible) to the Bril's Content and the New York Times artciles cited -- can't find them online. Thanks -- bob

Brill's Content results for Bruce N. Ames:

From /,1151,16557,00.html

Steven Brill, head of Brill Media Holdings and founder of Brill's Content : "Contentville is backed by $120 million from some of the very media companies - CBS (CBS) , NBC and Primedia - that his magazine monitors." Phone: 212-332-6300 / Fax: 212-332-6350

Brill Media Ventures L.P. (according to Hoovers Online)

"Taunting the media with a taste of their own medicine, Brill Media Ventures publishes Brill's Content, a media watchdog magazine intended to "embarrass [the media] into doing their jobs the way they're supposed to." Launched in 1998 by chairman and CEO Steven Brill, the magazine is published 10 times a year. Predictably, Brill's Content, has encountered harsh criticism from the object of its focus. Steven Brill controls a majority of the company; other backers include Barry Diller, Howard Milstein, Lester Pollack, and George Soros. In 2000 Brill helped launch Contentville, a Web site selling written content that is backed by Brill, CBS, EBSCO, Ingram Book, Microsoft, NBC, and Primedia."

Article anyone?