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Sheldon, Maynard et al -- was going to do another 45 mins on the Rice article -- have had a few edit conflicts with recent postings --

Q's-- a)who else will be working on it for the next 45 mins? b)Does working on only one of the sections each from the [edit] tags on the RHS avoid problems with edit conflicts when saving? -- bob


AI, re sp on Gonzalez (s?) -- the pdf of the scanned letter that is on the Washington Post site has has his typed name as Gonzal** with the last two letters obscured by his signature -- uncertain of the precise spelling -- bob

bob -- I had to go recheck my memory, too .. if you scroll down through the announcement for Bush's cabinet picks, you will find that the name is spelled Gonzales .. I always have to check to see where the s and the z are supposed to be. AI

"Among them will be a justice on the Texas Supreme Court, Al Gonzales, as Bush's White House counsel, officials close to the process said.
"Gonzales has told court associates that he had been offered the job of White House counsel and had accepted it, those GOP officials said Friday.
"'I've had discussions with the Governor about working in Washington but any final decision and any announcement of that decision will have to come from him,' said Gonzales, who wouldn't confirm he got the job.
"Gonzales, 45, was the second Hispanic to serve on the Texas Supreme Court. Before Bush appointed him to the high court, he served as secretary of state and as the Texas governor's staff general counsel."

Link for Gonzales' White House biography.


AI tks -- I made the mistake of taking the file name of the WP pdf as beiong accurate! -- bob

Is there bias in the photo used? She looks predatory. - Sparky

A reader pointed out that as Rice followed Powell she couldn't have been the first African American to be Secretary of State. Also removed speculation that Powell may be a member of CFR --Bob Burton 06:06, 1 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Relocating unref'd material from article page.--Bob Burton 01:45, 28 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Condoleeza Rice attended high school at the Catholic all-girl's St. Mary's Academy in Engelwood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.