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Controversial Cases

According to their website, Covington & Burling successfully argued on behalf of the Southern Peru Copper Corporation to drop a lawsuit brought against it under the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) by Peruvian citizens charging the copper company with polluting communities and causing health problems. [1] The ruling judge claimed that abstract rights such as the "right to health" could not be considered as enforceable by international law without more specific legal backing.

In 2003, Covington & Burling was hired as an outside lobbying firm by Halliburton, to lobby Washington on behalf of its former subsidiary [KBR]. Covington & Burling was reported paid $520,000 to handle "inquiries concerning company's construction and service contracts in Iraq." [2]

-- Rebekah Wilce, 16:42 CST 19 February 2013