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This outfit are using their financial wealth to contravene the legalities of a fairly run electoral system here in New Zealand.

It is somewhat ironic that the leader of the National Party )= to say the Conservatives in the UK or the Republicans in the US) conveniently forgot he had a meeting with the Exclusive Brethren last year. It is estimated they have spent in excess of NZ$500K in a mass media campaign. Their leaflets, whilst not stating 'vote National' have the positive message in blue (National colours) and are anti the current labour government and the Green Party.

The leaflets also bear an incredible similarity to those distributed in Tasmania pre the last Australian election, again funded by their Australian outfit.

This is a problematic are for democracy, since the funding is not included in the expenditure of the National Party and hence they benefit via NZ$500K+ of free publicity (although there is the possibility that their campaign has damaged the credibility of Brash, the leader of the Nationals).