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Jump to navigation Jump to search -- my apologies for not posting reasons after earlier revert but at short notice had to go out for a meeting -- I deleted changes for a couple of reasons -- 1)SourceWatch is primarily a site about public relations industry, think tanks etc and their operations - there are other sites whether it be Wikipedia or elsewhere that have a focus more amenable to articles on the detail of the history of monetary policy in the US. The brief profile already on the site has some pointers to other sites but what was being posted seemed to me off topic for SourceWatch 2)what was being posted wasn't being referenced but was a set of allegations and thoughts duplicating what already exists on other sites. -- bob

--- I'm not sure that this article fits within the SourceWatch charter -- I'm inclined to think there will be more contributors to such an article at Wikipedia and there will be more people interested in reviewing it to get a well rounded result. See the Wikipedia article -- - Anyone else have a view? --Bob Burton 03:08, 16 Sep 2004 (EDT)