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Another blogger occydocy from John Kerry's Internet Townhall (2/10/04) writes:

"President Bush on Tuesday released 'newly found' pay records which he says proves that he served his required National Guard time even though no one has ever reported seeing him serve in Alabama and he apparently can't name anyone alive who served with him who can vouch for him. Pay records are no proof at all of attendence. If the Denver Pay Center isn't notified of the AWOL charges or situation, the soldier's paycheck will be issued. Since Bush was never charged with AWOL you can be sure that no one was ever notified to cut off his pay. It is very possible based on the President's disclosure on Tuesday that if he was paid for the time he was supposed to have been on duty in Alabama, that he not only was AWOL but also accepted from the government, and failed to return, salary received for duties not performed."
nomortxns adds (2/10/04): "instead of flashing pay records let's see some morning reports which would indicate active service dates, also he must have had a little help if he signed up for the guard and got in. I tryed to sign up back then, there were 5000 men ahead of me and what's with this sudden transfer of records from the St Louis center to the pentagon ?"
Bill Ungaro adds: "As a former Aviator and as a Disabled Veteran, allow me to identify two points on which Bush can be nailed:
"1. Did he get an Efficiency Rating Covering the time in question? It's reported that his Unit Commander in Texas refused to rate him because he was not in Texas. If he did not get rated in Alabama that means he was Bugging Out/AWOL.
"2. We need to concentrate on his refusal to undergo a Flight Physical. Without a current Flight Physical he was not allowed to fly and maintain his currency. We spent Gazillion Dollars Training him and we need to know why he was not FLYING? Was he abusing Drugs or Alcohol? We need to know."
RetiredUSN writes: "I spent 22 years in the United States Navy, the single most important file that followed me wherever I was stationed was my Service Record. That record included all of my FITREPS, promotion dates, dependent data (Page 2), security clearance data, campaign and awards, education/training etc, in other words everything that happened to me while I was in the service was recorded there. The last thing official piece of paper that was handed to me when I retired on 01 July 2001 was my DD214, in essence that was a synopsis of my service record on a single sheet of paper. The point is folks, all that needs to be found is Mr. Bushes Service Record and a copy of his DD214, and then the tale will for all to see. Pay stubs and tax forms are a waste of time. Everyones Service Record is archived by DoD (most active duty Service Records are stored in St Louis). So come on DNC stop spinning the yarn and get the Service Record, I'm sure most of us will be glad you did."

Not only that, but St. Louis transferred everything, including the DD214, on microfiche long ago ... it's all compiled there in one "document".

This document (found in George W. Bush's military service), which I have been pursuing for the past hour [sigh] was, in fact, faxed from the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Colorado to the Boston Globe on January 12, 2000, which they have just confirmed ... and has nothing at all to do with documents "waved about" by the White House.... AI

M ... Yes, had Mother Jones already... and added new file on the "Timeline" .. THANKS .. AI

Good Solution. Thanks! -M

Relocating latest posting which was posted over the top of previous version of the article. There might be something worth slvaging out of it or links to the documents but I'm about out of time right now -- bob

from, By Eric Boehlert, 9 Sept. 2004:

Seven months later, the document dump is coming back to haunt the White House, thanks to researcher Paul Lukasiak, who has spent that time closely examining the paperwork, and more important, analyzing U.S. Statutory Law, Department of Defense regulations, and Air Force policies and procedures of the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, Lukasiak arrived at the overwhelming conclusion that not only did Bush walk away from his final two years of military obligation, coming dangerously close to desertion, but that he attempted to cover up his absenteeism through swindle and fraud.

Check this out everyone.

The latest attack on the documents is the fact that they were faxed from kinkos in Texas.I guess one of the memos had a fax number attached. Well I did some research and noticed that Bush's Dental Record has a fax number on the upper right.

Three sources, same document, same fax number. xxx-678-6504 (wonder who it belongs too).

For some reason, I think this document, released conveniently in February is a fake.

The standard dental form is easily available online.

You can pay for one here.

Or get one here.

And Bush's isn't typed like this one.

Think I will create a side page for material on the 60 Minutes memos/controversy -- as some of the issues are not related to Bush's military record per se (ie journalistic procedures, bloggers vs mainstream, the echo chamber etc) but still worth documenting. Will do this a bit later today--Bob Burton 19:54, 22 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Ummm... are you ready to apologize profusely for this entire line of attack? Here's a good summary of the facts: -- Bush accumulated over 900 points over six years, when only 300 were required. Yes, he was "barely over minimum" at the end, but so what? He had done so much MORE than required in the first few years, and COULD NOT fly as much as desired at the end because the F102's were no longer being flown! What would you have him do?

You're barking up the wrong tree.

Discussing his non-service and other adventures of the past is indeed missing the point. You don't have to look very far beyond his bloating government and flagrant deficit spending and environmental devastation to understand his total failureship.