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In Re: Decent Interval Section.

i am aging fast, and am old enough to have strong personal experiences and emotions regarding the Vietnam war. Please communicate with others before simply removing the reference. I did not make it up, it is cited and linked to the University of Virginia. I believe it is both factual and still relevant today.

I was also wondering why nobody had put an entry into this section regarding Kissinger's forcing the removal of the chapter about him the the Senate's BCCI investigation. Is no one aware of this? I will find the links and the documents, if anyone is interested.

--Hugh Manatee 09:04, 31 Dec 2004 (EST)

As a young adult my peers and I where never really tought anything from the Vietnam war, and I have never heard of Kissinger having anything removed from record about him. Where not tought anything true in history we are tought what D.C. says to teach.